Thursday, October 22, 2009

Do you want the chance to do a class with Skye Johnson????

My  lovely  friend Skye has  just been shortlisted for the Scrapbooking memories Masters  competition and at the moment - she is   raising  some  funds for the National Breast cancer awareness.  In order to support  the  fundraising she is running  a class  at the cost of $5  per person......with  proceeds to go to Breast cancer support.
The class will  be an online class next Thursday night at 8.30 (Melbourne Time) on the forum at thechallengechics

"As well as the forum, the class will be put on a special blog, because I know there are some of you who aren't into forums or too savvy with that side of scrapping.

The class will be charged at $5, and both the forum and the blog will be locked to anyone besides those who have donated.

Anyone who has already made the effort to donate already will have instant access to the class.

It will have step by step instructions, as well as explanatory images.

It's a super cheap class and you dont have to do it on the night, once you have made your donation, you can access it at your own free will!

It's for a great cause, so if you'd like to take part, you can go here:

to pay with credit card or contact me at to find out how you can make a direct deposit cash donation.

Hope you can take part!"

Good on you Skye and I know I  for one will be  doing this - not only for the great cause  but  who wouldnt  want to do a class with Skye!!!!

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Shell Turner said...

what a fab idea...I'll try to be available next week but if not, I'll join in on the blog version.

I'll contact Skye directly.

Thanks also for putting your blog on Challenge Heaven, now I can see all of your work regularly.

Shell (Challenge Heaven)