Saturday, December 26, 2009

So here is my new baby.....

So  for  ages I have  longed for a  fabulous new camera = My  friends  Chrisw  and  Sharon D  both take amazing photos and not that Im expecting to be abte to do that but I love taking pics  so much  that a COOL   camera   like this  is  just what the Doctor ordered (  well  3/4  of a  Doctor  at  any rate!!)

So here she  is.....

Plus  some   cool  accesories so   guess what I have been  doing  today!!  Here  are some pics I  have taken......

More blog candy to share.....

Hiya -  follow  the link for this  cool   blog  candy - drawn New Years eve...

and here is the  link

Have an  awesome  Boxing Day.

Il be back later to  show  you my  MAGNIFICENT   Present  from the  BEST  hubby  in the  world......

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Seasons Greetings....

Well  the  big fellow in red   should be on  his way before too long so  I wish all my  friends  family  and  bloggers all the best  for a  fabulous  Christmas  and New Year.  If you are travelling - stay safe and  take care!!  We are off to  Airlie  beach  on the  30th December -  to celebrate  our  20 years together!!!!   Complete with  four children  - we cant  wait!!!

This fabulous  craft  has  given me some  beautiful  friends and this year I have   had the opportunity  to  hug lots of you in person.  I hope to meet  more of you  in  2010!!!!

The  biggest MWAH  goes  out  to you all........MERRY  CHRISTMAS

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

HUGE Blog candy giveaway.....

You  guys  know I love to share these things   so make sure  you  take a look  here for this amazing  offer

Here is a  SMALL  fraction of what  you could  win.......

and  HERE  is the  link to the  SCRAP MASTER ....comp  end Christmas day  so QUICK -  get over there!!!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Jingle all the way - From screen to scrap....

Well I am pleased to say my  mojo  has returned -  been  busy  with  kids  ,  christmas,  weddings , blah blah  blah!!!  So here is my take on the December challenge - the link is  over on my toolbar  so pop in and have a look -  great  challenges....

Monday, December 21, 2009

Crazy for Daisy - Artastic entry

So here is my  December  entry for Artastic  blog comp - cool  comp  inspired   by  amazing  art .....

The  painting  is  girl  with a pearl  earrring and you were to use a portrait  style   photo and an  earring....Here is mine  using  AMAZING  Prima  stitched  papers - Gawd =- how nice are they!!!!!

My daughter   has  just  gone off to her  last  ever   creche day and we are  taking the  boys  to Movieworld - Shane  thinks he is taking me on the Superman  ride .  Let me  tell you  THAT  AINT  GUNNA  HAPPEN !!  I might  swim  with  sharks,  skydive and bungy  jump  but Im not  doing that   ride!!!!
Have a great day!!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Kathies huge blog giveaway...

Are you ready girls???? For a BIG prize???

Yes today we will post up the biggests giveaway we have ever offered on this blog!! We would love it if you would copy our post onto your blog to share the "good news" around!! Somebody is going to have a great Christmas this year!!!! :) :) :) :) :) :) :) EVERYBODY is able to enter this one, interstate/overseas will need to pay postage but I'm sure you will agree that the prize is worth it!!!


check it  out  HERE

Scrapbook Boutique cybercrop this weekend....

Well- with my  mojo  having headed   off to NO mans  land   for the last month - the timing of Scrap Boutiques cybercrop is awesome - I am BACK!!!!  I stayed up until  2:00  to create  these  two...

So   come and check out the challenges HERE

Friday, December 18, 2009

Enchanted scrapbooking Christmas layouts.....

This is one of the kits  avaialable at .enchantedscrapbooking.  It  is so cute  and  has adorable  papers and mbellies - here is  2 of the layouts I have  done.

and I have  enoughto  do another layout  but   I might make a  series of cards instead.....later  tonight!!

So check out the shop  now  before they all sell out!!!

WINNER OF my FOLLOWERS blog...........RAK....goes to

I know I am overdue  doing this - BAD LISA -   blah  blah - that crazy  time of year  hey!!!  ANYWAY - I put the names in a hat ( and there were a LOT!) and the winner of the rak  goes to...........................

SUSAN  -  whom I  even manged  to meet at the scrap n chat  retreat  in Ashmore  a few  weeks ago!!

Congratulations  Susan - email me at and  I  will  try and post  your  prize - one of my  kits - before Christmas!!!!  and  I am SO   CLOSE  to 160   followers - when I reach that - I will  draw another name out   so spread the  word!!!!!
1. Where is your mobile phone? Probably  flat  in my handbag.....

2. Your hair?  Tied in a pony tail ready for a  run

3. Your mother?   Awesome  -  inspiring

4. Your father? As above!

5. Your fave food?  Chocolate  chococlate and chocolate

6. Your dream last night? No idea - I was in a  coma!!

7. Your fave drink? Right now  while Im  being good >?   water!!

8. Your dream/goal?  To take our kids and  see the  world

9. What room are you in? Scraproom

10. Your hobby?   DER!!!!!

11. Your fear?    Death  for sure

12. Where do you want to be in 6 years?  In a  different  house in a  different  suburb  with some  money in the bank

13. Where you were last night? In bed

14. Something that you aren't?    sexy!

15. Muffins? =  No - I just pick out the  choc  bits

16. Wish List Item?   chocolate!!

17. Where did you grow up? Glen Waverley - Melbourne

18. Last thing you did? made vegemite on toast for one princess

19. What are you wearing? running clothes

20. Your TV? which one - we have  three and one  spare!

21. Your Pets?Daisy the  dog, shane the husband and  four  brats

22. Friends?  I love  em - they are the best!!!!

23. Your Life? Cool-  except for the  house,  the suburb and the money in the bank

24. Your Mood? usually good 

25. Missing Someone? always  our Melbourne  family and friends

26. Vehicle? baby  people   mover - Toyota Avensis

27. Something your not wearing? a jock strap??

28. Your fave store?  ALDI

29. Your fave colour? pink

30. Last time you laughed? half an hour ago!

31. Last time you cried? yesterday

32. Your best friend? My husband

33. One place that I go to over and over? the washing machine

34. One person who emails regularly?  Telstra

35. Fave place to eat? anywhere  with  seafood and or  chocolate  and that I havent cooked!!

I now pass the batton to


Sarah - loobylou

Sharon D




Thursday, December 17, 2009

Why I love Seaworld!!!

We took the kids to Seaworld yesterday with  my Mum and her friend.  I   took some pics for them  because  neither of them had a  camera!!   Here are  two of my faves!!

The  dolphins look like they  are  flying and the polar  bear  had been  playing this game - pushing off from the  viewing wall  and  back flipping -  so cute !!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Check out this cool blog candy.....

OMG -  Man I am   nice  sharing this - I  shouldnt  tell anyone and then I  woud have a better  chance to win!!   LOL!!  But im   too nice to do that - so here it is....

and here is where you need  to go and  Angie is also having   50 % off everything in her store so check  that out whilst  you are there!!!!

A little bit of enchanted......

PHEW - I havent  scrapped   properly for what  feels  like  AGES !!  IT really has been the silly season for us this year.  Two of the boys are in ths schoolband so we had concerts,   two of the  boys received academic   excellence  awards from school so we had a night out for that to see them  get their  trophies.   both sets of  parents have  been   up for a week at a time, Teleah had a  kindy  disco and also a   graduation night - TOO CUTE - she called it her Gratulations......In addition we have had  grown up events  as well!!

The best  news  is that my super  smart fabulous husband   passed  everything  in his  third year medical exmas.  SO that means - HE  ONLY HAS ONE YEAR  TO GO and its not even  a  full year so I cant tell you  how excited that makes me!!!!  Im so  proud  of   him and his acheivements-  one smart cookie!!!!!

SO  what I have been able to do is   some scrapping  for enchantedscrapbooking.  They  seriously  run  some of the  coolest  competitions  around .  This is my  final entry for their Christmas Carols competition - I  have attempted to make a   room  diorama -  showing our tradition of decorating the tree....

and they also  have their   December  kits  ready  for sale  and here is  somefof what I got to make for the  Critters  pack - I have another layout and  perhaps a few cards too so - they are  amazing  value -  go  check it out!!!!

So thanks for  dropping by - I  will endeavour to drop in here a bit more this week!!!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Come and check out this 50 % off sale.....

Hi all

My  gorgeous  friend  Angie  is  having a  HUGE    50 %  off   sale  -  here....scrapnartjourney.blogspot.  starting on Saturday.  Make sure you go and check it out  'cos she  needs to move  some  stock so she can come and move closer to me and we can  get up to  mischief together!!!!!
She  also  does  an amazing sketch  challenge  each month  so make sure you check that  out too whilst  you are   there!!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

OMG - I am a bit excited.......

SO  My Mum and Dad arrived today and  that is  awesome-  They are the best parents and  grandparents - love them both to bits!!  AND  then I received this email.........

"Hi, Lisa. My name is Dan Koch and I'm the Executive Editor of Scrapbook News and Review Magazine. I know this will come out of left field, but we have spent a great deal of time getting to know your work either through submissions to our magazine, a blog or a public gallery. I'm contacting you because we would to extend the offer of a staffer position. We don't usually make such an offer without knowing you backwards and forwards, but we feel like if we don't say something, we'll be missing out on an incredible opportunity.

If this is something you'd like to explore, please contact me at your earliest convenience and I will provide you with more details. "

Wowser !!!  So of course - I replied that  it  sounds most interesting and I would be interested in hearing more!!!!  So aty tuned and I  will keep you posted.   In the mean time   here is the link to the magazine -


Check it out!!!!

In the meantime - I did a  quick layout yesterday for   Round 5 of the  Christmas Carols comp at  enchantedscrapbooking-  all   white  with maybe a  touch of colour
I  chose to do a layout  of a  beautiful friend - Sherryl- we both have 3  boys and the more time we spend together  the more  we  find we have in common!!!  We did a cool  road trip to Toowoomba    earlier this year and laughed  the whole  way.  Love ya Shezzy!!!!

So -  thanks for  dropping by - I promise to be a better   blogger in the New Year -  December  is  a little   crazy !!!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Dear Santa - classes at Mad about scrappin tonight....

Okies - So Im off to Leannes at  madaboutscrappin to teach   a  class using the  STUNNING  FABULOUS  GORGEOUS   Kaiser Dear Santa  range.  there are 3  layouts and a card.   The  girls are fabulous and  the  class is   sold out  so  it will  be a fun night..... Here is what they will be making....

SO  pop in to  Mad about scrappin and see what she has in store - her  prices are AMAZING !!

In the meantime - have a  great weekend!  WE WILL!!!!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Have I ever  neglected my blog   for  so long?   I think not.   The Merry Go Round is going faster and faster and its getting hard to  jump off ....or even  slow down.  My inlaws have been with us for the past week, Shane  finished his  third year medical exams   last week, the kids have  had  school  concerts,  community  classroom days, swimming and    discos   so  I have  been  MEGA  busy  with kid stuff.  IN  addition - my LSS   is  closing  down and they have had a  HUGE   50 %   sale so I have  actually been working full time for a few days  so life has been nuts.  I have   barely  scrapped a  zac -  so what does that tell you!!! 

Next week my Mum and Dad arrive, the kids  finish school,  I have to finalise Christmas   STUFF  - you know  what I mean!!  and  also  start to get ready for  our holiday!  MAD!!!!!!!

SO I  will   endeavour to pop  back soon  with some interesting  things  i have done.    Oh I know - I am teaching  at Leannes on Saturday night - three layouts and maybe  a card  if we have time........I will pop them  up here  closer to  the  class!!!

AND I still have to draw my RAK   winner!!!!!