Saturday, February 28, 2009

And the winners are!!!!

I gave you all a number as ordered on my followers list at the time....and I got Shane to randomly draw 2 numbers out of the tupperware lettuce keeper!!! All class Yes I know the lucky winners - YES there will be 2 !!!!! are................................................

Loobylou and Briana!!!!!

Congratulations guys - can you email me your addy at and I can send out your little RAK . Thanks everyone for joining in. I will be doing this again or something similar - the more followers...the more RAKs!!! Cool huh!!

I also got some cool news - I won one of the prizes for Out of the Hat!!!!! a $20 voucher for Scrap therapy!!! Wahooo!!!!! How cool is that!!! Gotta love being able to do something you love anyway and then also get the occasional prize as well - always useful for updating stashes getting low!!!!

By the way _ I got my new cosmo Cricket Girl Friday papers - LOVE LOVE LOVE em - quite vintage retro - beautiful - had a play tonight so will upload tomorrow - used some cute pics of Teleah that I toook this morning - a dancing cinderella!!!!

Okay - again thanks for playing

see you soon!!!!

Up already

Okay so I didnt get home until close to 1 am and Shane was still awake watching Letterman with Clint Eastwood! So we sat and chatted for a while - silly fools! And now I am up again already - the house is beautiful and quiet. I am unpacking my scrap gear after going to D's last night!
I got to collect the gorgeous new Cosmo cricket Girl Friday papers - gorgeous - very rtro colours - I love em!! And also a funky new blackboard album also from Cosmo so might have to have a play with that!! We laughed and chatted and I made a start on 3 -4 pages!! Amanda cracked me up - she didnt even unpack -sat with a pack of goodies in front of her and talked and chatted and joked about her not scrapping!! I dont think I could do it!! Skinny Corinny only has a month to go until her bubba arrives - I dont envy her - that last stage of pregnancy is not so much fun. ANyway I will pop back later with my pages from last night - once they are finished!! ANd I have to draw my lucky RAK winner from my list of followers!!!!!! Watch this space!!!!!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Some lucky follower will win!!

I am going to draw a name out of that hat from my followers on Saturday night and that lucky person will win a RAK from me!!! I currently have 21 - so if that increases I may select two winners!
I am off to Dalenas for a crop night tonight so am very happy about that - I think the fabulous Corinne and Star are joining us so should be a fun night - it just means I need to be ORGANISED so I dotn have to drag evry solitary thing I own! I may just take some show and tell too. Ialso have some other news coming which I will announce shortly - so stay tuned!!


Thursday, February 26, 2009

Scrap the boys !!

I love the idea of a blog dedicated to boys - they are never so easy to scrap as the girls - anyway I am hoping I am not too late with this Feb entry - stamping and the great outdoors...

and a beautiful page form Teleah - she is scrap crazy at the moment!!!

Random challenged!!

Okay so like I said my random challenge is to use YELLOW!!, sewing and I sat on my chair last night and had a play and came up with this.....Teleah LOVES looking through the scrap albums and identifying people and HERSELF!!! so this is dedicated to that!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wahoo I had a win!!

Yay - I won a cybercrop prize from last weekend over at The scrap establishment - so I win 12 Kaiser papers and of course I may have had to order a couple of Prima crystal flourishes - I am so in love with those things!!!! SO Yay for me and Yay for my stash!!!! Cant wait to see what the papers are - will load a pic here when they come!! I also got random challenged by the lovely girls at 123scrapbook - my criterion were yellow!!!!!!!. stitching and distressing - I have been working on it tonight and will load a pic in the morning when the light is best!! I really find stitching on a layout quite therapeutic - maybe cos it takes me back to my old cross stitch days!!!
Okay - off to bed to watch LIFE!!!!

How nice is this!!

Many of you would have read recently about one of the fundraising efforts for the fire victims was a collection of scrap layouts from any donors so that these could be put togther in albums for recipients of the fire.... I was so blown away by the idea that I had to be a part of it and so I sent off close to 30 pages with a variety of designs to cover all kinds of events and family occasions. Today I got an email from one of the stores organising and it said....

"I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you we recieved your layouts today.Thankyou very, very much, they're fabulous!!! You've been extremely busy, they're are heaps in there!We are donating some albums from the shop also so will be collating some with the layouts we recieve. I believe the people who receive them will be very appreciative so thanks again for your beautiful work."

Isnt that nice - such a simple thing to send a Thankyou and I felt good that they were well received!!!

I am hoping our friends and family are able to return to their homes today...I will ring them tonight and find out!!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Feel a little on edge today

So the fires have now hit our old turf - Belgrave south - I spoke to Jen and she evacuated with Liam and the twins and I havent heard from some of the other friends yet . I am assuming they would all have just packed up and moved to safer ground. Brian and Michele and the girls have gone to Johns place - it just gives me a sick feeling when it is my old area. The kids old school was evacuated yesterday and moved to the Knox basketball stadiu but apparently there werent many kids left there anyway!! So I will stick close to the TV today and hope to hear that the fires are under control....

On totally different topic - here is some of the stuff I did over the weekend...

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Okay I have been busy

scrapping up a storm for cybercrops - here are some of my bits this weekend

Saturday, February 21, 2009

CYbercrop city....

WEll Uproar 2 scrap more have their cool cybercrop on this weekend - all blind challenges and loads of fun and games - very cool fun!! I have done my first challenge and looking at papers for the second. Uprora have also staretd a VERY cool new BLOG - just started but put it in your faves as they will have some cool kits and comps coming soon!!!
Here is the link

I got my fabulous new French script stamp and my Fiskars water threading punch - OH MAN _ so worth the wait - I have punched every scrap of paper I can!!!! Quite funny really!! You gotta love birthday money!!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Oops look what I got!!


Well I had to go and see a client today and on the way home is Addicted 2 scrap which I never get to go to often enough!!! I really wanted some nice vintage bits and pieces so i did!!!! Lynda has the most beautiful collection of ribbons - Hmmmmmm!!!! Anyway Uproar has their cybercrop tonight so will see if I can do the challenges with a vintage twist!!! here is a pic of the bits I picked up!!

A small heart attack!!!

Okay so last night I go to send some pics and load some stuff and my MAJOR folder with the pics of ALL of my layouts ( juts a couple you know!!!) is MISSING IN ACTION!!!! ......Okay dont panic just yet - I must have just opened this wrong ....close it all down and look again.......hmmmmm....not there! Okay , okay theres another possibility - I could have somehow unwittingly put the whole folder somewhere it shouldnt be - so Ill just do a search and find it and heart attack over!! Conduct a search using the file names.....NO...Okay conduct another search using the names of some of the pics insdie that file.....NO ....okay Ill do ti again with another name.....NO. Oh shit - now mild panic - I am going to have to ask SHane for help. "shane" I say in my nicest I love you darling now can you give me a moment of your precious time voice!! ( You know the one!!)So he comes over and I explain the magnitude of the problem and he does all the same searches I do - to no avail. So he googles the problem and does some weird computery crap that I never understand and at the same time he is making sure none of his medicine stuff is missing !!!!! Still no luck!! Then finally in a last act of desperation he opens up the folders on either side of the missing one!!! And guess where the little bugger was hiding !! In my folder labelled CRAP!!!!!! No idea why it didnt show up under all the searches conducted but my husband scored lots of kisses and hugs and even a bowl of ice cream!!!!
PHEW!!!! Heart attack over!! Now I just have to find the STUPID person who did that because it certainly couldnt have been me....could it?

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Whats news!!

I have been working hard on some secret squirrel business for Mad about scrappin - I spent last Friday night up there and got to play and put together some new kits and b0ought home a few goodies to play - with - will post them up here when I get the nod!!

I also have some other news but that can wait until March - so much fun having something to wait for!! Heheheheheheheh!! I am part way through a layout thats for Debs layout of the month gallery but have come to a halt - might have to get inspired tonight and see what I can do to finish it!! Uproar 2 scrapmore have their cybercrop this weekend - all blind challenges so that should be fun!!!! Cant wait - each CC I do a treasure hunt on the Sunday morning and people have to run around and photograph the items and first up wins a prize - so Iwill have to get my thinking cap on!!! Good to see there are a few followers so might run a comp or something when I get 10 followers!!!



Tuesday, February 17, 2009

And one for my birthday!!!

I did this double for Debs Creations - inspired by my birthday - pics representing different stages of my 42 years and journalling in behind each pic

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Oops and this one....

And some more today....

I did some layouts at leannes on Friday night - had a lovely time - talked and chatted lots!! And then yesterday and today i have done a couple of cybercrop layouts....

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Okay so here are some of the cards I made today - I tried to do masculine ones but soon fell int girly ones...Oh well!!! Great way to use up some scraps and bits of ribbon!!

Whats on for today!!

I am feeling inspired to make some cards and am going to try and make some masculine ones - the girly ones are so much easier!!! Anyway - Teleah has her swimming lesson so once we get back I will see if I can get the mojo flowing!!
Played for ages last night to do some stuff with this blog - I am so technically inept its sad! I dont have enough $$ to pay someone to do it for me so will have to live with this until i get clever! man - that could be a wait!
I am heading off to Leannes tomorrow night for a crop - she has some stuff for me and Ihavent been there for AGES so thought I would say - Hi - I just have to get organised and decide what I am going to do!!!! I have offered to create a vintage layout for an online auction tohelp raise funds for the bushfire victims so may even work on that!!! Okay - off to shower cos I stink after doing my workout this morning!! 24 days and I have only missed one day!!! Lordy - its a miracle.

Will load any cards that i DO make later today!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I am a vintage junkie...

Thanks to Chris and Deb I have become a bit of a vintage junkie - love the old style pics and colours and I know I will find ways to use these on my layouts andon cards...In fact I have made some cards already!!! Will load some later!!!

Here are some of the gorgeous pics I love....

I forgot to mention...

I had good news last week - I won 2 cybecrops - I am such a junkie so got to do a bit of shopping and buy some new Litte yellow bicycle Love letters stuff - man I love that stuff!!

Here are the 2 winners

and some more

I love the white with 1 blog and often enter their monthly comp - this month is an all white layout. Shane and I were married in Fiji and didnt get heaps of photos - but this is oneof them!!

I also won Angies December sketch challenge and this is the layout I made with the prize pack she gave me....BOY
and another layout I made for the MAS cybercrop - titled Love is.....

and then one of the MAS cyberrop challenges was 10 things you loved but without traditional love colours so came up with this - Kaiser Esthers garden papers...

This is the layout I did for Uproar 2 scrap more Wipeout - this is the layout that got me knocked out - I love it so I didnt mind - great photos of Josh at Noosa last November!!

Some recent work...

Okay so I have been in a scrapping frenzy since coming home from Melbourne and I have had my MOJO in fine form. Lovin it!!!!

I made this for the boys door - it was a challenge over at Debs creations - to do a 6 x 12 layout - I had this old piece of corrugated chipboard from a box and just had to give this a shot!! The boys love it and I love the attitude on their faces!!


For a little while now I have wanted a blog that is just for me and my scrap work and a place to share the stuff that is important to me to anyone who cares to take a look!!! haha!!!

I have a family blog and do some scrap stuff ont here but it is primarily about what we are up to in Queensland - this one is just for scrap news!!