Thursday, February 19, 2009

Whats news!!

I have been working hard on some secret squirrel business for Mad about scrappin - I spent last Friday night up there and got to play and put together some new kits and b0ought home a few goodies to play - with - will post them up here when I get the nod!!

I also have some other news but that can wait until March - so much fun having something to wait for!! Heheheheheheheh!! I am part way through a layout thats for Debs layout of the month gallery but have come to a halt - might have to get inspired tonight and see what I can do to finish it!! Uproar 2 scrapmore have their cybercrop this weekend - all blind challenges so that should be fun!!!! Cant wait - each CC I do a treasure hunt on the Sunday morning and people have to run around and photograph the items and first up wins a prize - so Iwill have to get my thinking cap on!!! Good to see there are a few followers so might run a comp or something when I get 10 followers!!!




Amanda said...

Maybe I can come scrap with you and the "Mad" gals some time ..... sounds like fun!!

Mandy said... should Amanda...its so close by to you...have a splurge one day!!!!...but I posted before and it just didn't work????? Have a great night