Friday, February 20, 2009

A small heart attack!!!

Okay so last night I go to send some pics and load some stuff and my MAJOR folder with the pics of ALL of my layouts ( juts a couple you know!!!) is MISSING IN ACTION!!!! ......Okay dont panic just yet - I must have just opened this wrong ....close it all down and look again.......hmmmmm....not there! Okay , okay theres another possibility - I could have somehow unwittingly put the whole folder somewhere it shouldnt be - so Ill just do a search and find it and heart attack over!! Conduct a search using the file names.....NO...Okay conduct another search using the names of some of the pics insdie that file.....NO ....okay Ill do ti again with another name.....NO. Oh shit - now mild panic - I am going to have to ask SHane for help. "shane" I say in my nicest I love you darling now can you give me a moment of your precious time voice!! ( You know the one!!)So he comes over and I explain the magnitude of the problem and he does all the same searches I do - to no avail. So he googles the problem and does some weird computery crap that I never understand and at the same time he is making sure none of his medicine stuff is missing !!!!! Still no luck!! Then finally in a last act of desperation he opens up the folders on either side of the missing one!!! And guess where the little bugger was hiding !! In my folder labelled CRAP!!!!!! No idea why it didnt show up under all the searches conducted but my husband scored lots of kisses and hugs and even a bowl of ice cream!!!!
PHEW!!!! Heart attack over!! Now I just have to find the STUPID person who did that because it certainly couldnt have been me....could it?


Amanda said...

OMG!!! So lucky it wasn't really gone!! The hard drive crashed in our laptop last year and all my photos (none backed up) including those from day dot of my sons life were lost!! We were told it could be thousands to recover them!! I was shattered .... I cried and cried .... I couldn't eat or sleep .... I was dead on the inside!! Luckily we did manage to recover the pics for $200 .... I was so happy ...... I always back up now!! Been bitten once and it WON'T happen again!!

Mandy said...

oh..glad it all turned out ok...phew.... have a good