Saturday, July 31, 2010

Get your Game on!!!

Thats the theme of the cybercrop over at enchantedscrapbooking this weekend.
Here are the layouts I have  done  so far.....

These two cuties are now  12 and 11 so a Little less  inclined to dress as Buzz and Woody!
Check out the expression on my  lovely Lachlans face!!!  This little  cute Buzz Lightyear  turns  11 this week!!!

This is the layout  for my challenge  and  one more......

I like this one -  the inspiration was a cool  chess picture.
So go and check out the theme and the  cool challenges....

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Check out these cute flowers......

I spend  many a night at my kids  footy training and I spent much of  it  sewing flowers.  I now have such a collection of them - I have bagged  them up and  am offering   some for sale....

here they are - If you want any -  email me at  with the  Letter of the flowers and  how many you want.  Postage  is free!!

First in best dressed

A - $3 for the pack and you  get  two flowers in these colours

B - $3  each

C - $3 for the pack of two

D - $3  for the pack of two

and finally

E -  $2   a packet for the two flowers

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Check out this blog candy.....

Hi all

I  thought you might like to check out Kerris  first ever   blog candy -  HERE

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Cybercrop at ENCHANTED - 3oth JUly - 2nd August

Hi all

Feeling like  a  cyberop - wanna  get your game on?
Enchanted  scrapbooking have a  VERY  cool themed cybercrop  coming up on the final weekend in July......

So pop in and take a look  HERE

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

August kits are HERE!!!!

Okay - so here  is the drill - the kits are  Still only $10  but sadly postage has  gone up to $6.50 as Australia Post  have increased their charges!!  Email me at  with the names of any kits you would like - Its is  first in best dressed - so let me know as they   tend to sell quite  quickly!!

If you order   5  or more kits - there will also  be a  cool little bonus for you!


Bliss - SOLD OUT








Sunset echoes


Sugar pea



Thanks  and have a great day - email me at

Wanna Gold Coast retreat????

Are you looking   for  a fabulous  scrapbook retreat....well Uproar 2 scrapmore  have one  planned for March next year  here on the Gold Coast in an awesome house  and there  are  only a couple of spots left so if you  want all the details  - check it out HERE but you mayhave to get  in quick - most  spots are gone....and OF COURSE   I am going!!!

back soon  with some  scrappy goodness - I found my mojo  - it was BURIED  way under my  pigsty of a desk

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Some enchanted layouts!!!

So the July  Fairy  phun packs  are in my  hot little hands and so far I have only got to play with holidays,  kids  ,  life - you know - it just gets  busy!!ANYWAY  - these are the layouts I have managed from the pack.....

Cute huh - the next pack I  will be working on is a vintage  one  so I am looking forward to that - pop in HERE  if you want to take a look

Sunday, July 11, 2010

New background - Thanks Plumrose Lane

You know I get bored - and a fabulous  frined of mine is working on a new blog setup for me - just cos she is  beautiful!!  BUT in the meantime I   have  picked this pretty  vintage  Bg  from  Plumrose lane - you can check them out HERE.

I also  have to thank Tiff baby  for sorting  my  UNFLASHING  blinkie for Twiddleybitz  for me .

I will be back later with some  scrappy goodness .  But this morning the  kids and I are off the  the Dodgers  car boot sale to find some bargains!!
Have a WICKED  day!!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Are they over yet???

The school holidays -  I love them and then over the course of the fortnight - the love fades!!!  If you know what I mean.  Esp  these winter  holidays -  more rain and more cold and less desire to be outside!
On the whole the kids have been awesome - we have new neighbours  across the  road  and they have four kids  of playable  ages  to ours - so they are  all here  or all over  there!!  Very cool and  exhausting at the same time....

BUT  I did manage  to have a scrap  day  with the  girls  last Saturday  and I did  get a few jobs done - some ATCs ( talk about  over committing yourself!!) and I started on  my Twiddlybitz  spooky house for the boys it is in all its  GORY  ( get it)

How cool is it????  Its got texture paste ,  distress paint, alcohol ink,  stamping, embossing  - you name it!

BUT  Twiddlybitz  are going to have a FABULOUS   blog hop -  with  all the  cool DT  blogs and even some  prizes and some Twiddleybitz  pieces to win along the way!!  SO  make sure you head over and sign up so you  stay up to  date with what is happening!!!!!

They have some new releases  coming up soon too so  make sure  you  get in there!!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Is it Christmas in July ????

So I am not  sure if this  makes  me  WAY  late  or  HUGELY  early - LOL  BUT  I an now the proud  pwner of a  gorgeous Twiddleybitz  advent  calendar.  I  painted  it , constructed it ( pretty easy really!) ,  golded it,  antiqued it,  embossed it  and  lit it up!!!  AND  here   she is - Lit and Unlit!!!!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Check out this cool comp over at Uproar2scrapmore

I have been a little absent with the  school holidays and  being  busy with the  kids and I almost  missed this  awesome  competition  HERE

It looks fine and I will be  playing along for sure

Come and sign on.

I  have  a bunch of girls coming over   to scrap today so I am hoping to have some  show and tell by the end of the day!!


have a great weekend........................