Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Check out these cute flowers......

I spend  many a night at my kids  footy training and I spent much of  it  sewing flowers.  I now have such a collection of them - I have bagged  them up and  am offering   some for sale....

here they are - If you want any -  email me at  with the  Letter of the flowers and  how many you want.  Postage  is free!!

First in best dressed

A - $3 for the pack and you  get  two flowers in these colours

B - $3  each

C - $3 for the pack of two

D - $3  for the pack of two

and finally

E -  $2   a packet for the two flowers


amanda73 said...

gorgeous lis...have emailed you my order

amanda73 said...

hey lis, have just paid for all my stuff

Jenni Hodge said...

These are gorgeous Lisa - Payment is completed!!
Thank you!

mel said...

thanks for following my blog!!
you are a busy girl making all these flowers!! So.... what was the footy score??? (LOL)

chrisw said...

YOu didn't pop them up Lisa,did you forget??