Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Blah Blah Blah Halloween!!!!

Okay all you Naysayers - If you HATE Halloween and think its too commercial and too American - then look away NOW!!!!!

I never  felt much about Halloween  one way or the other - BUT  when we moved into our street four years ago - they have a Halloween street party  each year and its  grown in popularity  every year!!  My kids  start planning their costumes, we make and  buy   some decorations to spookify the house....and  at the end of the day its about Dressups and lollies - HOW CAN THAT BE BAD!!!!!
The  street all get into it and if you want to join in - you hang a balloon  outside your house and then from  5:00 we get the  spooks and  eeries coming to the door.  Shane stays back and hands out the lollies and I travel around the street  with the kids...Okay I may have a witches hat on and  cackle   every  so often!!

So these are  some of the photos  from last year and  I have  finally  scrapped them -  there are  such AWESOME  Halloween  stuff out there and I have to thank Leanne from Mad about  scrppin  for some of the items on these two pages,......esp  the  cool   embossing folder used on the chippie house!!

So  to those of you  who like to get a  little  CREEPY  - HAPPY HALLOWEEN 

Monday, October 25, 2010

Scrapn Craft with T - design call

There is a new vacancy on the Design Team of Creative Girls @ Scrap N Craft With T. You will need to be able to create one project (layout, card or OTP) each week from the products supplied from Tanyah's shop. You will also need to post this project onto the Creative Girls blog with photos and instructions. If you haven't done this before, don't worry....Tanya  will  walk you through it until you are  comfortable!!

Tanyah offers her Design Team a very generous 30% off purchases in her shop, and each month supplies at least $25 worth of products to use for your projects. The position on the Design Team will run up to March 2011.

If you're interested, please email Tanyah at with 1 x OTP, 2 x layouts and 2 x cards and she will send you more information about what is required. Good luck! x

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ive been busy as a bee!!

So my  delicious  husband  came    home last weekend and now he is  crook!!!  I have a theory  that planes make you sick....all those  people in a small space all breathing the  same  recycled   air -  hence  the  spread of  cold,  flu and  yukkiness  !!  But its great  to have   him home!

So in the meantime  here   are some of the bits and pieces  I have been working on......

A  double layout  from a  sketch at scrapwithv        I had these new photos  and they suited  the sketch to a  T - !!
and then I  did  a few challenges for  Challenge heaven.....

and there is another  one I havent  yet photographed ....Oops  =  back with that later.....

and then I did this  with some Twiddleybitz loveliness -  I   LOVE   the  colours in this one....

I also  have a  couple of  Halloween layouts  but I will  leave them until closer to Halloween!!!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Op shop tour....

So today I  did a little  scout of my local Op shops - there are a few near where I have to the  the schools  student banking so I dropped in for a  quick look....This is  ssome of what I got today.  Check out the miniature dressmakers  dummy - its made of meatl and stands about 8cm high - that  and the little decorations were thegrand total of 50 cents...Dont you love it - Now I am GOING to HAVE  to  play with it instead of all the little  jobs I should be  doing - LOL
Ill  put a pic up of the  finished  item!!

How cute is that!!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Check out Treesas blog candy...

My lovely  friend Treesa is offering  some fabulous blog candy to celebrate  100 followers.  her  blog is always  inspiring and full of fabulous  photos and layouts so get ovet  there and check it out HERE

and here is a pic of the candy!!

Scrap the girls October entry

OMG - My  first ever  entry  for Scrap the girls.  After   having  some serious  MOJO issues - I am back and wa inspired by this  months  gorgeous  challenge!  Love Shakespeare!

here is my entry

Thanks for looking !!

Twiddleybitz Home sweet home kit

I have been working on this for AGES -  in a crazy moment I decided to make the tree out of  covered paper - Do you know how much sanding that required - OMG - I am  glad  with the finished result though!
I added  the  clouds, the title, the fence and the  little  girl - all Twiddleybitz of course - there  chipboard is just  fabulous -  nice  sturdy  strong stuff  so you can paint it, ink it  sand it  = No problem!!
I may  pu this away for  one of Teleahs   chrissie present s- if I can wait that long!

Thanks for looking

And all of the papers are  scraps  - cool huh!!!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Artastic entry for October

I have to say it feels  rather  fabulous to be scrapping again!!  YAYSER

I did this  one for Artastic  challenge  this month -  right up my alley!!  Some of my  fave papers too!!

and here is the   little Halloween  ATC  I  did as well -  cute!! 

Its wet crap and  almost  cold so  thats  bad luck - Ill just have  to scrap  play with the kids wont i!!!

October kits

I know Im late but I was away  most of  last month - These are the remaining  October kits -  I had a massive month  this month  so  again  thanks to all those  who purchase my kits and  keep  coming back!!
I have just  had a   HUGE  delivery  of new stuff  so Novembers  kits are going to be FABULOUS.....

here is  the  October ones.....

A stitch in time


Birds nest


Footy kid

Ocean Cave

The kits  are  only  $10  each and postage is capped at $6.50  no matter how many  kits you purchase.  Email me at  with the names of any kits you  are after!!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Teachers birthday gift....

Teleahs  teacher is having a birthday this month and I wanted  to make her  something as she has  been  the  most amazing teacher for Teleah this year!  She also does Zumba   with me and we always have a  laugh.....
I  started  playing with my Tim Holtz  bird die and this is what I came up with - I  might just have to make one for  me !!

Do you like it ??

back tomorrow  with some more scrappy stuff!!

Its getting spooky around here!!

My  great  street   runs an awesome  Halloween  Trick or Treat  for the kids in our street .  Each year   my kids get excited organising what they are going to wear  and  what  masks  they need  so they cant be recognised!  LOL  Shane and  I buy  up lollies like  crazy people  because we are always scare we will  run out -  we get A LOT  of Trick or treaters......

Now that time of year is fast approaching again so its about time I pulled my  finger out  and  scrapped last years  photos - I usually  do one for each of the kids and then one for me....
Here is one of them.....

Now I know its not AUSTRALIAN   but you know what - WHO CARES!!!!  Seriously - the kids have a ball and our street has  become famous for the  amount of trick or treaters so I love that the kids will have this cool memory  of the fun stuff they got to do together as kids!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Its all about the hair!!!

So  as my  kids get older  - so does your perspective on life change......and today mine is about HAIR!!!!

When I was at school I am  pretty sure  boys  didnt  even know  they had  hair - it was barely   washed let alone  brushed,  styled,  groomed  ,  PRODUCTed  like the males of  today!!  My  3 boys are   12 ,  11 and 9 and they spend all their time  looking in the  mirror -  FLICKING  their  heads so the hair falls  just  right!!  NOT LIKE  JUSTIN BIEBER  they tell me - Yeah right!!!!!

The  most  fun  about  this  new  phase in theor lives  is  the  scrapbooking  opportunities that present  them selves - I am  doing lots of my boy layouts about HAIR  and  journalling how they are  about their hair!!
If  Number  2 son had his way - it would never  be  cut - !!  Check  out how long it was in this  layout!!!

I used some of my  Twiddleybitz  goodness for this one...... the frame the  clouds, the leaves and the title are  all fabulous  Twiddleybitz  bits!!