Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Its all about the hair!!!

So  as my  kids get older  - so does your perspective on life change......and today mine is about HAIR!!!!

When I was at school I am  pretty sure  boys  didnt  even know  they had  hair - it was barely   washed let alone  brushed,  styled,  groomed  ,  PRODUCTed  like the males of  today!!  My  3 boys are   12 ,  11 and 9 and they spend all their time  looking in the  mirror -  FLICKING  their  heads so the hair falls  just  right!!  NOT LIKE  JUSTIN BIEBER  they tell me - Yeah right!!!!!

The  most  fun  about  this  new  phase in theor lives  is  the  scrapbooking  opportunities that present  them selves - I am  doing lots of my boy layouts about HAIR  and  journalling how they are  about their hair!!
If  Number  2 son had his way - it would never  be  cut - !!  Check  out how long it was in this  layout!!!

I used some of my  Twiddleybitz  goodness for this one...... the frame the  clouds, the leaves and the title are  all fabulous  Twiddleybitz  bits!!


amanda73 said...

my 17 yr old is the same........ his hair is his life lol(that and girls).....he has a hair straightener, which he will not ever go out with out using it lol... all the styling products you can imagine.......... i soooo know where you are coming from, although with my 6 its only Alex that cares about his hair

Chantal said...

I love what you've done here with the tags and the off-kilter chipboard frame! Great layout!! :D