Thursday, September 29, 2011

Who wants leftovers???

Haha - these were all leftover  bits and pieces  I had from all the Layouts I  had done in Dalby  with Doona and Lauren and Sarah -  so thats why its  leftovers!!!

This particular  day on the Gold Cost was a King tide and we went to have a look at the changing  ocean and was SO WINDY - I hated it - but of course none of the boys did!!!!!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

WOW - two days in a row!!!

Are you in shock?  I am - except that I cheated and I did  this last  night and scheduled it for today  because we have a full on day and I want get on here at all!!!   CHEATER SKEETER!!! 

I did this one at Donnas at Dalby  back in August - I just loved the colours and it was probably one of my faves  from  the  20 I did that weekend!!   and I love the picture of little Miss Teleah - she  melts my heart!!!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

SO unblogworthy !!!!!

I feel so bad - I thought I would  get time to scrap  and  blog and  enjoy the school holidays....instead our  bestie mates from Melbourne  decided on a spur of the moment  week on the Gold Coast so we could spend some time together - so we have pretty much done that  every day!!  LOTS of beach and whale watching and swimming and  just loving kicking  back  with our  friends.  They have three kids  VERY  similar ages  to ours - our eldest  are 5 days apart if that  gives you an indication!!!!!  Our  youngest are threee months  apart so the kids are inseparable and will miss each other  heaps  when they  leave!!!! I do have  a little bit of show and tell though........

My gorgeous  Lachlan at a party we went to last year - he is always needing a haircut!!!!  LOL

Back later   with some more I promise!!!!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

and some more bits and pieces....

How did it get to the middle of September already?    WE  have a crazy  busy last half of the year so before I blink it will be 2012!!!   Crikey man!!!  ANYWAY   here are  some more recent  bits I have done......

LOVE   the  colours in this one - i can see me  using them again!!!

These were some left over  bits and pieces I had from Crate paper - love the colours!!

Ill be back tomorrow with a few more bits!!

Monday, September 12, 2011

and some more DALBY inspiration

So I am still working my way through the  layouts I completed at the Dalby WHITEHOUSE  mini retreat - wish I could time travel  back to a Saturday night with Sarah, Josie, Nadine Lauren and is a little bit of show and tell....


back later  with more.....................

Sunday, September 11, 2011

and so time flies......

Its September - how on earth did that happen already!!!  At the end of this month my  baby boy monkey will turn 10!!!!  I remember the end of this pregnancy  so clearly  because those last few weeks at home were  FULL of 911 reports .  Endlessly, so much so that we turned the TV off because the two other boys were only  2 and 3.  I remember  seeing Joshuas face just once as the news report showed  the planes hitting the Twin towers and he asked" Mum why is all the news bad in the world?"  So the TV went off and didnt go back on again for probably a month!! 

So its September and that means that  very soon all our visitors  start  again - My Mum and Dad , my sister and her family, my brother and his family, Shanes Mum and Dad  and some friends in between!!!!!!  We cant wait - we love that our friends and family  choose to spend their  holiday time coming to the Gold Coast and visiting us!!!  And the weather is getting warmer so  that will  be  FABULOUS!!

Ive been scrapping   for the  Twiddleybitz show at  Brisbane  this weekend - make sure you drop by and Say Hi to the Twiddley team!! - sadly I wont be there this time -  I have a MASSIVE  weekend planned - cant say too much - Ill tell you about it when  its  done and dusted !!!!

In the meantime I thought I should show you a couple more bits from my weekend in Dalby at the end of August - scrapped up a storm!!

My gorgeous Docker boy - 

Oh - this one I did on Saturday night  - very late!!!!

I love this layout - I love this photo and I love the  2 people in the photo!!!!

Back later with some more show and tell

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Some AUTHENTIQUE goodness

Hohum - you see all these fabulous papers come out of CHA and this one  particularly  caught my eye - LOVE LOVE  LOVE  the colours and the  papers themselves are just the texture and thickness i LOVE -  think MY Minds Eye goodness!!!!  So I was  Super excited to see Tracey  had them in store at My2angels and they are  just  stunning - I got  to have a play with them last night and  I used the sketch from over at scrapwithv.

I have  a super busy weekend  starting VERY  soon  but I just wanted to show  you this first........

The title is "and  then there were 6 ".....not bad for a couple who werent having any children !!!!!!

And some more gorgeous Websters - lets celebrate......

So I did a huge blog post last week and had lots of new  show and tell and just as I went to press ENTER - it all disappeared - YES - dont we all just love that!!  Needless to say I had the  shirty pants with Blogger for a few days  so  here I am back again for another  go at it!!

Tracey at  My2angels  has an awesome collection of paers and amongst them are these super pretty and versatile  Lets  celebrate papers from Websters - lots of  gorgeous  colours and bits to cut out -   YUM 

here is another layout from teleahs  6th birthday party!!

So make sure you pop in and check it all out HERE - Tracey  is SUPER fast to post and  is  FABULOUS  at helping you source a product as I recently  did for a good friends wedding!!!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Twiddleybitz this weekend.......

Dont forget  TWIDDLEYBITZ   will be rocking the CRAFT show this weekend in Brisbane.  SAdly I wont there this time - I have  the busiest  weekend  ahead of me - cant wait - but will miss the buzz and hum of the Tb  stall!!  So make sure you drop in and  SAY  HI  to them and say Lisa K  sent you !!  and look for  some of these....

and this .....

There are some more pieces too but Ill let you have some surprises!!!!

September inspiration at Scrap with V

Jules has selected some  awesome  monthly  inspirations - here is one of my faves......

and here is my take on it.......

Its hard to see all the dimension in this layout but I LOVED creating this -  check  it out at SCRAP WITH V