Saturday, September 24, 2011

SO unblogworthy !!!!!

I feel so bad - I thought I would  get time to scrap  and  blog and  enjoy the school holidays....instead our  bestie mates from Melbourne  decided on a spur of the moment  week on the Gold Coast so we could spend some time together - so we have pretty much done that  every day!!  LOTS of beach and whale watching and swimming and  just loving kicking  back  with our  friends.  They have three kids  VERY  similar ages  to ours - our eldest  are 5 days apart if that  gives you an indication!!!!!  Our  youngest are threee months  apart so the kids are inseparable and will miss each other  heaps  when they  leave!!!! I do have  a little bit of show and tell though........

My gorgeous  Lachlan at a party we went to last year - he is always needing a haircut!!!!  LOL

Back later   with some more I promise!!!!

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