Thursday, May 31, 2012

Some blogging to be done!!!

Haha - The good Dr  is on night shift so late at night when the kids are in bed and the house is quiet - except for the feral rodent I cant catch - I  get to do some scrappin!!!!

Here are some of my latest offeriings - I wont share them all at once or Ill have nothing else to blog for another month!!  HAHAH

Pretty sure I have scrapped this photo before - but it will just go into one of the kids albums !!  They will need a truck to take their own albums when and if they ever leave home!!! The boys  better find girls that like scrapbooking - thats all I can say!!  Seriously love this  colour combo - how pretty  is it .  The photo is by the AMAZINGLY  talented Andrea Thompson - she is just the most fabulous photographer - check out her work HERE !!  Love scrapping her photos........

Here is another favourite of mine - I bought these papers from the  gorgeous Krissy Christie  over at wickedprincesses.  I cannot even begin to tell you how talented   that girl is - her paintings, her canvasses, her sewing -!!!!!  YUMMY !!  Once I have some spare $$  Im gunna  get me one of her bags!!  I bought Teleah one of  her Tutu bags last year and it is divine!!!  ANYWAY _ here are the  scrummy papers and what I did with them

Very me - hey!!

Back later with some more show and tell!!!!

Monday, May 21, 2012

SO SO BAD!!!!!

Oh my goodness I cant believe I havent  blogged in such a long time - almost a month - shocking!!
Sorry - life is crazy busy with the kids and friends and being away  ....blah blah blah....or else Im just a slack tart who needs to get her A into G!!!!
BUT SHane is currently starting a block of night shift which is always good for my late night mojo...Last night I even got to do a challenge !!  I did Scrap the Girls - hardly ever get to do challenges I enjoyed this - cleared out papers from my  scraps and oldie but a goodie of my sister and I!!!!

I also recently did this one for my gorgeous Friend Deb Clark -

She sent me the most gorgeous Thankyou card - its on my scrap desk and I just love it!!!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

This ones a winner

This is one of my favourite  blog challenges....nothing hard, nothing fancy......just  pick your favourite  layout and send it in !!  How good is that - Tiff Sawyer  runs the  blog and she has a  fabulous   bunch of talented scrappers  to give  inspiration....and then she has me - hahahahaha  !!!!

This  is the layout I sent her for April  - Teleah and her  gorgeous buddy Kayla - they were at a party together and Teleah had her face painted for the first time EVER!!!  I was so excited........I just had to scrap it - dont they look gorgeous together!!

head over  here  to enter

and heres mine......