Thursday, August 26, 2010

September kits - ready to go NOW!!

Hi all

So  here are the September kits - they are $10  each and postage is capped at $6.50 no matter  how many  kits you buy.  Email me at with the names of any kits you are after.

Christine - ONE left

dartboard - SOLD OUT

dreamland meadow - one left

Evaline -

Phillipa - SOLD OUT

Road trip - SOLD OUT
sweet nothings  - One left

Cookie  - SOLD OUT


The  kits  move fast so email  me  at and have a great day!

Fundraiser for an Aussie Battler

A gorgeous  friend of mine   Deb  has an  equally gorgeous Mum and  she was recently  diagnosed with brest  could you help  out  with some fundraising....

Hi Everyone,

Starting this week- August 2010, We are having a Fund Raiser to raise a little money to go to a very worthy cause for an Aussie Battler & Pensioner, My Mum:)

My Mum is currently having Chemo for Breast Cancer & also has Sugar Diabeties. She needs a special pair of shoes that cost $300 & she is not able to meet this cost on her own, so the Deb's Creations DT Ladies & myself have made items that will go up for Auction starting this Friday:)

Each Day over the next week, I will add pics of the items going up for Auction with the starting bid price in the Forum & the highest bidder will win the item & it will then be mailed out to you:) I would like to thank the DT Ladies for all your hard work, you are all wonderful!

You can find the Auction Topic here Peeps-:

So please  pop in and  Say Hi and  check out some of the fabulous  items on offer!!!

Thus far we have raiser $100.00 a Huge Thankyou for your support ladies

Thankyou for supporting the good old Aussie Battler Ladies



Visit Deb's Creations at:

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

ATC love.....

Dont you love it when you SWEAR  you are  NEVER doing something   to then start it and find you are HOOKED!!  Well- that is me and ATCs.... I was NEVER doing them and I  joined up to  the first swap  because some of my dearest girls were doing them and I wanted a little  piece of their fabulousness ( IS that a word? ).
ANYWAY - this has fast become an obsession and Im now on to my third folder  crammed full of these little  wonders of love and I thought Id share a couple with you.  The first is a One of - done for Born2create....

Oh pretty!!!!

and then there is  this.....

Black and white swap....

Published in SNR

I ama  bit naughty because I dont always  remember to take a photo so I will just have to try and remedy that!!

I also had a surprising email this morning  from SCRAPBOOKING MEMORIES - they want one of my layouts and YES I  havent  subbed to them for a VERY long time - but  this is an off it goes  in the post today!!

I  have a sick kid at home AGAIN  so more Doctors and even blood tests  this time - !
SO much fun

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Twiddleybitz bloghop winner.....

Hi all

I was meant to post this yesterday but I was too sick and the day was too  yucky  to take a photograph of the prize...

First up - A  MASSIVE  thanks to Tiff Sawyer - she is just DA BOMB for organising the blog hop- I had  fun and  LOVED seeing all the  amazing Twiddleybitz creations - definitely a few things on  my wish list now!!

Here is a pic of my RAK -

Of course some  fabulous Twiddleybitz and  also a cute ste of papers  from basic Grey, a some cardstock and  matching embellies.......and now for the important part -
Using Random number generator- but  because I am  computer  DUD of the century I cant  get a copy of the  imag e-  the number that came up is 


who I beleive is CONGRATULATIONS and email me at to  give me your address details so I can post off to you!!!

Thanks everyone for playing along!!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Check out this colour combination!!!

I am SO not a purple girl - it freaks me out and would be the least   colour in my stash - so when I  got the  Peacock Fairy pack from enchantedscrapbooking I  was like WHAT THE ???

However - never one to give up and  I had  my scrapping head on  last night - I  put these together -

and this one....

So I survived!!

The other  phun pixie pack  was   gorgeous and I got these done.....

and this one....

The  cute  little   windcatchers   even  spin!

So  checkout Enchanted scrapbooking and  this months  gorgeous kits!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My Twiddleybitz winner.......

will be announced in the morning along with their  prize!!!!!!



Monday, August 9, 2010

August SALE for kits!!

Hi all

I am going away in September and not sure whether I will have time for a new release of kits so I am having a mid month sale!  Buy  five kits and get one  for free -  they are still only $10  and  postage is capped at $6.50 no matter  how many kits you buy......Here is what is left

arabella - SOLD OUT

Bliss - one left

caitlin - SOLD OUT




daisy - SOLD OUT

enchanting - SOLD OUT

rouge - one left

sunset echoes  - SOLD OUT

unhinged - SOLD OUT


evelyn - SOLD OUT


school days - SOLD OUT

sugar pea

birdlife - SOLD OUT
whimsy SOLD OUT

Email me at and let me know the names of the kits you are after ......

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Welcome to the Twiddleybitz BLOG HOP!!!

Hello, hello and welcome to the Twiddleybitz blog hop - I hope you have  had fun already visiting the amazing Twiddleybitz design team members!! Your last stop will have been Rachel at 12pm and if you have just come across this by chance and you want to start from the beginning - start HERE at Carols blog!!!

If you dont know much about Twiddleybitz and their fabulous chipboard creations - you can check out their site with awesome  inspiration HERE. The girls on the team at Twiddleybitz are fabulous so drop in and say Hi!!

And just for fun here are a couple of my favourite Twiddleybitz Creations...

I have three sons and a daughter and in our  little  street we have some Americans  so our street always  does a very cool Halloween  night for the kids - I made this with them in mind and  of course they love it!! The tree, the house the ghost and the fence are  all  TWIDDLEYBITZ  products and I believe you may  even  be able to buy this in kit form now!

Another of my favourite recent layouts   is this one.....

I have used the Twiddleybitz  flourishes at the top and bottom and the  teal coloured frame is actually the frame from  Twiddleybitz  lettering - I have taken all the letters off and  sanded the edges smooth, painted and then  added dimensional magic to give it  highlights.

So if you like - leave a comment here and become a follower if you arent already....and  at the end of the Blog Hop I will draw  out the name of one  lucky winner to win a very cool RAK!!!!!

Next on the Twiddleybitz blog hop is the AMAZING Karola Witczak - her blog post will be up at 4pm so check it out here then!! -

Thanks for dropping by and keep on Twiddling!!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

For all of you Twiddleybitz fans....

Shouting out a big hello to all our valued Twiddleybitz members, you are all invited to join us this weekend for our first ever Twiddleybitz blog hop. There will be a weekend of inspiration from our talented designers, chatting and some fabulous RAK'S and prizes to be won. So if your stash is low, join us for a chance to win some Twiddleybitz. And don't worry, if you have never done a blog hop before, all you need to do is check out the Ning forum at 6.30pm AEST this Friday, Aug 6th for all the details. Hope to see you there for some fun and happy hopping :):):)

Visit Twiddleybitz at:    twiddleybitz

Monday, August 2, 2010

wanna see some AWESOME Whales?

How can you not love these  stunning animals.  I have   wanted to do a whale watch for a  while now and we decided  why not  do it to celebrate  Shane finishing his  FINAL  medical exam on saturday. 
The  tour was  fantastic - initially we werent  seeing much  whale action and  I was a bit worried.  Then we moved  location and  we got the  best show  from two  HUGE are some of my pics!!

Thank Goodness for my  awesome  Canon slr  camera!!!!