Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fundraiser for an Aussie Battler

A gorgeous  friend of mine   Deb  has an  equally gorgeous Mum and  she was recently  diagnosed with brest  could you help  out  with some fundraising....

Hi Everyone,

Starting this week- August 2010, We are having a Fund Raiser to raise a little money to go to a very worthy cause for an Aussie Battler & Pensioner, My Mum:)

My Mum is currently having Chemo for Breast Cancer & also has Sugar Diabeties. She needs a special pair of shoes that cost $300 & she is not able to meet this cost on her own, so the Deb's Creations DT Ladies & myself have made items that will go up for Auction starting this Friday:)

Each Day over the next week, I will add pics of the items going up for Auction with the starting bid price in the Forum & the highest bidder will win the item & it will then be mailed out to you:) I would like to thank the DT Ladies for all your hard work, you are all wonderful!

You can find the Auction Topic here Peeps-:

So please  pop in and  Say Hi and  check out some of the fabulous  items on offer!!!

Thus far we have raiser $100.00 a Huge Thankyou for your support ladies

Thankyou for supporting the good old Aussie Battler Ladies



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