Sunday, September 11, 2011

and so time flies......

Its September - how on earth did that happen already!!!  At the end of this month my  baby boy monkey will turn 10!!!!  I remember the end of this pregnancy  so clearly  because those last few weeks at home were  FULL of 911 reports .  Endlessly, so much so that we turned the TV off because the two other boys were only  2 and 3.  I remember  seeing Joshuas face just once as the news report showed  the planes hitting the Twin towers and he asked" Mum why is all the news bad in the world?"  So the TV went off and didnt go back on again for probably a month!! 

So its September and that means that  very soon all our visitors  start  again - My Mum and Dad , my sister and her family, my brother and his family, Shanes Mum and Dad  and some friends in between!!!!!!  We cant wait - we love that our friends and family  choose to spend their  holiday time coming to the Gold Coast and visiting us!!!  And the weather is getting warmer so  that will  be  FABULOUS!!

Ive been scrapping   for the  Twiddleybitz show at  Brisbane  this weekend - make sure you drop by and Say Hi to the Twiddley team!! - sadly I wont be there this time -  I have a MASSIVE  weekend planned - cant say too much - Ill tell you about it when  its  done and dusted !!!!

In the meantime I thought I should show you a couple more bits from my weekend in Dalby at the end of August - scrapped up a storm!!

My gorgeous Docker boy - 

Oh - this one I did on Saturday night  - very late!!!!

I love this layout - I love this photo and I love the  2 people in the photo!!!!

Back later with some more show and tell

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amanda73 said...

love love those 3 layouts...... love the authentique 1 in the below post too..... i have 7 sons, but thats from a woman who was always going to be a mummy