Sunday, September 25, 2011

WOW - two days in a row!!!

Are you in shock?  I am - except that I cheated and I did  this last  night and scheduled it for today  because we have a full on day and I want get on here at all!!!   CHEATER SKEETER!!! 

I did this one at Donnas at Dalby  back in August - I just loved the colours and it was probably one of my faves  from  the  20 I did that weekend!!   and I love the picture of little Miss Teleah - she  melts my heart!!!


HarmonySweetpea said...

So pretty. I love it. Its okay that you cheated lol

Moonie said...

stunning layout Lisa.. and a truly stunning girl.... omg wait til she is 16 !!!
Love all the colors and the feminine feel to this layout.

Mandy said...

Oh Lisa...look how much she's grown up..she is beautiful...and this lo is

Angie Bailey said...

Oh My! Gorgeous design and gorgeous Teleah, she has grown so much, god bless her!

Mwah xxx