Monday, October 11, 2010

Twiddleybitz Home sweet home kit

I have been working on this for AGES -  in a crazy moment I decided to make the tree out of  covered paper - Do you know how much sanding that required - OMG - I am  glad  with the finished result though!
I added  the  clouds, the title, the fence and the  little  girl - all Twiddleybitz of course - there  chipboard is just  fabulous -  nice  sturdy  strong stuff  so you can paint it, ink it  sand it  = No problem!!
I may  pu this away for  one of Teleahs   chrissie present s- if I can wait that long!

Thanks for looking

And all of the papers are  scraps  - cool huh!!!


Haystack Creations said...

that is just too cute

Cathy said...

Absolutely adorable Lisa... fantastic work!! I don't think I could have handled sanding all those curly bits :)

mel said...

wow - the effort has paid off. this is just too cute!!

Kerry said...

oh wow!!! Just love it...definitely worth all your efforts.

Rosa-kreattiva said...

la trovo fantastica complimenti sinceri