Monday, September 13, 2010

Some Twiddleybitz goodness.....

Can someone tell me  why my  mojo  kicks in at about  10:00 at night!!  LOL

So I stayed up too late last night  finishing  off some projects - and here are the reuslts.....First up is the  cutest  Twiddleybitz  birdcage - been wanting to  do this for ages.

and then this  gorgeous  little  ATC   display - I had  fun with a  mod podge  resist , crackle paint,   antique  solution  and  some  bling  to  finish  her off

Cute huh!!!  Okay - Id  better   go and continue  packing,  cleaning , tidying!


mel said...

packing, cleaning tidying and maybe a Nanna nap!!
But these were so worth staying up for - just gorgeous
LOL at your mojo - by the time I have selected papers its about 10pm and I am up until all hours too!!

Sue said... must the hour that mojos come out to play, coz thats usually when mine kicks in too! ;-)

amanda said...

Gorgeous projects Lisa - have a great trip!!!!

Jenni Hodge said...

wonderful and sooo cute - yep, it's the best time to scrap as far as mojo is concerned!

Jo Kinder said...

Yep, the best stuff is made at that hour of the evening - Awesome stuff Lisa. You've inspired me to have a play with some modge podge resist technique...hhhmmm interesting.... AND its that time of the evening hehehe