Wednesday, February 25, 2009

How nice is this!!

Many of you would have read recently about one of the fundraising efforts for the fire victims was a collection of scrap layouts from any donors so that these could be put togther in albums for recipients of the fire.... I was so blown away by the idea that I had to be a part of it and so I sent off close to 30 pages with a variety of designs to cover all kinds of events and family occasions. Today I got an email from one of the stores organising and it said....

"I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you we recieved your layouts today.Thankyou very, very much, they're fabulous!!! You've been extremely busy, they're are heaps in there!We are donating some albums from the shop also so will be collating some with the layouts we recieve. I believe the people who receive them will be very appreciative so thanks again for your beautiful work."

Isnt that nice - such a simple thing to send a Thankyou and I felt good that they were well received!!!

I am hoping our friends and family are able to return to their homes today...I will ring them tonight and find out!!!


Kathie said...

Hi there. Do you know of a lady that has lost her scrapbooking stash in the recent bush fires? If so can you contact me please? We have a small stash to send to 1 lady from the girls here in Seymour but are having difficulty finding such a lady.
Our little group here also joined in the LO's for the bush fires survivors, I think it is a great idea! Great job that you have done, good on you!
Love Kathie

Mandy said... are an angel..that was so nice og you and it was a lovely email to get