Thursday, February 12, 2009

Whats on for today!!

I am feeling inspired to make some cards and am going to try and make some masculine ones - the girly ones are so much easier!!! Anyway - Teleah has her swimming lesson so once we get back I will see if I can get the mojo flowing!!
Played for ages last night to do some stuff with this blog - I am so technically inept its sad! I dont have enough $$ to pay someone to do it for me so will have to live with this until i get clever! man - that could be a wait!
I am heading off to Leannes tomorrow night for a crop - she has some stuff for me and Ihavent been there for AGES so thought I would say - Hi - I just have to get organised and decide what I am going to do!!!! I have offered to create a vintage layout for an online auction tohelp raise funds for the bushfire victims so may even work on that!!! Okay - off to shower cos I stink after doing my workout this morning!! 24 days and I have only missed one day!!! Lordy - its a miracle.

Will load any cards that i DO make later today!!

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