Friday, September 4, 2009

Operation NICE Blog Hop

Okay - so  I am always telling my kids -   good things happen to good people and I try to live  by  that!  So when I saw  this  on my blog hopping I knew I wanted to take part.  The idea is  easy -  you get to  do some cool   blog hopping, leave some  love and there is lots of blog candy on offer along the way - all in the name of being NICE!!!!
  I am also offering  one of my  vintage embellishment packs  to  a lucky person who leaves a comment at this post.  Lots of these bloggers  are  overseas so I may be one of the  first to   put this up - being  ahead in time!!  So I will put up all the blogs - just  cos Im nice!!!

(1st and last stop- blog candy)



4. (blog candy)

5. (blog candy)

6. (blog candy)







13. candy)



16. (blog candy)



19. (blog candy)

20. (blog candy)




24. (blog candy)

25. (blog candy)-

Have fun and dont forget to leave me a comment



What a wonderful idea!! I am off to do some blog hopping! Thanks for the opportunity to visit some new and wonderful blogs!


Portraiture by AntoniaRenee said...

hey I just became your 100th follower!!! is that a prize?!

lyn said...

cool lisa, thanks hun, off to go have a looksie xo

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

Wow I would love to get in on this too! Is there a mcklinky or something I need to put a link in? or a post I need to do?


Kaytee said...

I am having so much fun plaything the bubbles game on your side bar lol!!! The blog hop was so fun!! Have a great weekend!

humel said...

So NICE of you to offer us the chance to win a prize! Thank you so much :-)

Alison said...

Thanks so much for the wonderful, creative, fun, and very NICE blog hop.. I love the creative ideas I saw along the way.. I left lot's of NICE LOVE for each and everyone of you.. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.. HUGS

Yvette said...

What a fun blog hop this has been! Everyone has been sooo NICE!!! Plus these are great words to live by! Have a great weekend!

sarah said...

how fun this blog hop is! thanks for sharing such pretty projects!


Donna said...

The perfect thing to say to you kids! I have had such a fun time in this blog hop and meeting some really awesome and inspiring ladies...Love you blog! And your little game...Well I had to play before! Have a great weekend! Xx

- - Sheryl - - said...

you are too thoughtful and the last hop on the list - I visited and commented on all.
thanks for the chance at the candy

Lailani said...

Love your blog!!! Happy Friday!

Alicia said...

This should be fun! I'm glad you posted all the blogs' addresses because I wasn't sure how to go about doing the blog hop otherwise!

Have a great weekend Lisa.

xx Leish

Anonymous said...

what a NICE thing for you to do offering some delish candy :)

thanks for participating in the hop with me- great job paying it forward!

have a great weekend!!!


Alicia said...

Hi Lisa!!!

I have just finished visiting all of the blogs on the list, seeing as you are the last one! Thanks for taking part in the hop, I've been quite inspired by the blogs, both as scrappers and by the small things they have done to brighten the days of others.

xx Leish

PS number 21 on the list didn't seem to have anything actually posted for the blog hop :(

craft_princess said...

ah I to the end already? I was really enjoying this blog first ever!! Thanks for the chance to win some candy and thanks for being nice! :)


Char- The Mad Shopper said...

I love vintage stuff, and I like how you use it in your layouts. I would never have thought to use it the way you did on the layout about your husband. It really works there. Thanks for your inspiration.

lisa808 said...

Thanks for participating in this 'nice' blog hop. It's been fun and inspiring.

Briana Corry said...

Wow fantastic idea Lisa!!!.....Love ya work!!

jesskittelson said...

I completely agree with you good things happen to good people! It's all in the mindframe how you look at a situation! Thank you for giving someone a chance to win your candy!

booklady said...

I know you on Enchanted scrapping and now I've found you here by bloghopping.I love your work especially all that soft lacy ribbony stuff.
The name will say booklady but I'm Joolz(Julene).Booklady is my alter ego on some sites.

Sandra D said...

wow - so many blogs to see ... can't wait to visit them all. How lovely to offer up a vintage RAK. Thanks for the chance.

Didi said...

My first blog hop! So much fun and so many neat ideas from such nice ladies! What a great idea.

karennarelle said...

Getting late and I still need to iron my husband s shirt for tomorrow so I dont know that I'll get to all of them tonight. But I know where to find you.....:)