Wednesday, April 8, 2009

White with 1 entry

Okay so I spent a LONG time sitting in front of the TV and cuttin out these vines - I then put them in a safe place and couldnt find them for 2 days - Last night I opened up my diary and there they were!!!! Yay so in my insomniac state last night - I did this at about 2 in the morning - SHhhhh- dont tell Shane!!!!

Anyway here it is


CreativeMe68 said...

LOL!!! What the hell were you doing up at 2am???? You are a crack up girl!!! I am so glad that you found these vines as this LO looks so awesome!!! I have a similar story to tell!!!
I couldn't find something on Monday, so all day yesterday and today I was looking for my heart shaped tin with all my brads in them!!! Then today when I needed paint for this LO I found them some of the girls from craft must have put them there so they wouldn't all fall out!! YAY I found them!!! Luv Shaz xoxo

scrap-princess said...

2 in the morning?? Lisa!! i'm in bed by 8pm lol! Good luck with the challenge! i this its awesome! it would have taken AGES to cut those vines. i bet u were freakin out when u couldn't find them?!! xx