Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Feel like a 12 hour scrappin marathon???

Leanne  from  madaboutscrappin is hosting a  12  hour  scrap  fest on Saturday  1st May.  It will cost $25 and include tea. coffee  dinner and some  snacks.....Personally - Im just happy to have  12 hours of uninterrupted   scrap time.  Well it will be  uniterrupted if she doesnt make me  do a dance or two!!!!  It has been known to happen before!!  Im also  teaching my  vintage class ( stunning Graphic  45 papers  that I posted  earlier)  and poor Leanne  has SOLD OUT of the kits and doesnt  even have one for herself!!!

So if  you feel like  a  scrap  fest - and who doesnt - Leanne is in South Brisbane - half an hour for the Gold Coasties - drop in and put your name down!

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