Saturday, October 13, 2012

Cleaning up my desk and found this one.....

Im not sure  if I have blogged this yet or not - I dont think I have but feel  free to  correct me if Ive done it twice!  Oh well.

This is my usually  Happy Go Lucky Lachlan boy with the grumpies....he can drop a  lip VERY WELl - doesnt  really do it A LOT but when he does - WATCH OUT!!!

I had  fun with one of the Crafters  workshop templates from My2angels.....and I just used some black ink and a sponge  to  do the background.....I then grabbbed some scraps of paper and some plumbers mesh and some washi tape from whatever  was lying on my desk and  put this together - I really like the colour combo - what do you think?


amanda73 said...

love it lisa....remember seeing was your entry for last mths kraft it up....but a great layout,and dont mind seeing it twice lol

Susan said...

The oclours really do work well together and the picture is worth 1000 words. Lol! I think it is a great page, Lisa.