Saturday, October 1, 2011

Life lessons.....

As a parent - you always  want to do the best by your children.  You want them to be happy.  You want them to  be  genuine good people.....Getting them there gives you some appreciation for how hard a job it really is!!!! 

They drive you crazy - REALLY crazy sometimes....they drain all the energy  from you sometimes......and then there are those times when they are sitting in the car and the four of them are having a conversation about why their Mum is the best Mum and it brings tears to your eyes.

We are off on a  short weekend  getaway tomorrow and we cant wait!!!  Our AFL  team play in the Grand final on Saturday and we will be catching up with some  great friends so  all in all it will be a  wicked  weekend - especially if the CATS  win!!!!  Haha!!

So speaking of  raising kids -  that litle  dribble  came about from this layout- the  strip joournal bits were part of one of the bits of paper I had and it started the whole layout,.....and I love this pic of Miss Teleah!!!!!


LOVE  the colour scheme and LOVE LOVE LOVE  this little girl!!!!


Mandy said...

Oh..fab photo and I too love the colour scheme...this is just wonderful...oh..I do get what you're gotta love being a mama....I wouldn't swap it for the world...have a great footy weekend

DebiJ said...

Just wonderful to see you scrapping so beautifully Lisa..I have been MIA a bit. Lovely photo & love the reds & greens.

Great the Cats won too...thank heavens!!!

Angie Bailey said...

Hey Lisa

Fabulous layout and wow isnt she growing up! Love the colours used and all the elements:)

Hope you and the family are well.

Mwah & Hugs Angie xo