Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween haunting!!!!

Yes I know - some of you are going to say _ " I dont do Halloween  - its so American ".....Yep - well I am not  religious but I still do Easter and  Christmas just because they are  fun and I like the spirit of them  - SO it is the same for Halloween!!  The kids   get to dress up and visit the neighbors and get   a dose of  junk for the next month!!  Our street  do an awesome  Halloween night  - loads of kids   get involved and we have  kids come from everywhere.......I may  have even been known to  wear a scary hat !!  SO these are the Halloween  layouts  I have recently  done - ready for a new dose of scary photos!!

and this one

SO  happy Halloween!!

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Dale Tiernan said...

Happy Halloween to you too! I'm the same as you. Having just been to the States where everything is decorated it has rubbed off on me a little. I've decorated my lobby and organised a posse to go trick or treating. I'm hoping for fun.
Love your layouts, especially the cobweb.