Friday, October 14, 2011

Feeling like a cybercrop???

If you are  feeling like a cybercrop this weekend -  I then I have the place for you !!!!  Shazz and the girls at  Scraplounge  have a  "Fancy That"  themed cybercrop this weekend.....Check it out HERE

Some of the challenges are  already up - Hope to see you there!!!!


DebiJ said...

Well I do feel like a CC Lisa, so have signed up!! Thanks for the tip! xx

annette said...

Bother I missed it !!!!! haven't done a CC in ages either.... loving all your work Lisa ... pop on over to my blog there is an award for you
cheers X:)

DebiJ said...

Sorry I didn't manage to see you there Lisa...I signed up but did not get an email of hoo.