Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A blog award!!!

Well its been ages  since I have  received a blog award - so thank you to the beautiful Annette  who nominated me!!

To accept the award, I must answer the following questions and then pass the award on to 10 other blogs

1. Name my favorite color/colors -PINK!!
2. Name my favorite song – anything by Adele right now

3. Name my favorite dessert – chocolate mousse
4. What 'wizzes' me off at the moment? – not enough time

5. My favorite pets – Bronte and Daisy

6. Black or white? Definitely black

7. Biggest fear – Storms
8. Best feature - my attitude??
9. Everyday attitude – dont sweat the small stuff!!

10. What is perfection? – sun, beach, no wind
11. Guilty Pleasure- chocolate of course
12. When I am upset I... Cry !!!

I would love to pass this blog award out to the following ladies:

Sharon Dalton

Chris Wormald

Sarah Pannell


Kylie Law


Donna white

Lisa Webb

Trudie Campbell!!!

Spread the love!!!


DebiJ said...

Well thank you kind Lisa...how lovely!! I will have fun popping this on my blog. Big hugs xxx

Country@heart78 said...

Thank you my sweetness... I will post this on my blog

Loobylou said...

Thankyou Lisa my blog is so neglected lately I could do with some love!

Shuzzie said...

Thanks heaps chicken.... I post it on my blog.