Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Happy Mothers Day Mum!!!

MY MUm is gorgeous - she always  spies onmy blog and knows what  is happening - HI MUm says Lisa  waving madly!!!  ANYWAY - I made her a little  gift for Mothers Day and have  had to keep it quiet and I couldnt  blog it  because she would see it- well I just got off the phone  from her - we had a lovely  newsy  chat  and she got her parcel this morning.......This is what she got....

Isnt she lucky she got it?  I  could have just  kept it !!
Lucky Im a nice girl!!


Samantha said...

Wow, it's gorgeous! I would have been tempted to keep it too :)

Marie McRedmond said...

Because Lisa has SUCH a good and nice Mum, she knew that she just HAD to pass it on to her!!!! She is SUCH a good and nice daughter to have .... I am SO lucky!!!!!!!!!
Lucky lucky me .... a lovely daughter AND a lovely Mother's Day box!!!!! I just lerv lerv lerv it - and my girl!!!! Thanks Lisa. Luvsya, MuM XXXXXX

Nightowl said...

Lisa your 'Mothers's Day' Box is stunning and by the comment above mine your Mum is wrapped. Lucky lady =)

sandra said...

Lucky you Mum!
Lisa this is gorgeous!!
love love love it!!!

and hey what do you know!!!
I was number 250 :-)

Love your entry in the Kraft it Up!
(that's how I found my way here!) very very clever!!!
and looking forward to seeing what you do with TwiddleyBitz on their ning site!!!