Thursday, May 13, 2010

Busy Busy busy

You know those times when Life gets a little crazy - thats what it feels like right now. This morning my kids were late for school - we literally live ACROSS THE ROAD!! so really there is NO excuse. Iwas helping Joshua with Maths problems on Mathletics in preparation for todays Naplan test only to realise we were 15 minutes late leaving home - EGADS!!!!! He BOLTED out the door and made it with seconds to spare - Daniel and Teleah were both late ...Great start to the day - NOT!!!!

And Im such a great Mum - Josh comes home on Tuesday and tells me he got 20 out of 24 for the test he did....I ask " How come you only got 20?" ( he usually gets higher and thats my excuse!). And he tells me " Mum I got the best mark out of the whole of Year 7 - other kids only got 12 or 13......Yep - Great Mum!!! The good thing was I got to spend yesterday with the gorgeous ANgie and a surprise from Sharon D - YAY for me!!!!!! Four hours goes WAY fast when you are yakking and talking - LOL SO that meant they all had to come to my place last night with Emma and Belynda so we could keep yakking and talking ! I am SO lucky to have met such fabbo mates and that we get to catch up face to face - i just LOVE it!!!! I even got to do some scrapping even though I started off a bit slow.....

Thanks for looking.  I am now off to  do some  groceries for a dinner party  tomorrow night,  chasing kids and sports all day  Saturday and then us girls are  going to  chat and  distract Sharon at her retreat - we are  gate crashing the party!!  Should be a hoot!!!!!
Oops and we are off to Zumba  our butts off tonight!!!


lyn said...

wow lis, the layout turned out awesome!!!!!! Totally love it. Was so great coming ova last night, wish I coulda stayed longer. Cant come to zumba tonite, jamie home late from work :( Cant wait for saturday night. XXX

Nightowl said...

LOL your post is a hoot. I really don't think that when it comes to mothering there is a 'Bad' one only a ‘Trying’ one. It would have to be the most demanding, relentless, pressurized and at most times thankless role that any woman can take on. The job starts from the time you open your eyes until the time you get to bed again.
Normal Routine on the way to bed:
Put on another load of washing,
Pick up toys and more clothes,
Put away clothes,
Make school lunches,
Do the dishes,
Check breakfast supplies - oops no milk again,
I've missed heaps of others but you get the drift. Did you want to check your emails, update your blog, get in some scapbooking, maybe watch a movie?
Remember that there is always tomorrow and I know that you promised yourself some time to yourself...What your partner is looking at you how? *Giggles*

Angie Bailey said...

Awwwwe!!!! We love you babes!

Shaz and I sit here now, teared up to the hilt, but having a laugh as well, your a cracker babes, we wouldnt want you any other way.

Thanks for a great evening with the girls at yours and again for a fabulous work out at ZUMBA!!!!

Looking forward to gate crashing on Saturday.

Mwah & Hugs from Angie and Shaz xoxoxoxox

Cathy said...

Fab LO's Lisa. I love that strippy backgrounds and scatter of buttons, so cute!!

Em said...

Thanks for having me Lis, lovin the Lo's they worked out gorgie!