Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Okay - HERE are the DECEMBER kits!!!

Okay - same  deal asalways - Kits are $10  each and  postage is capped at  $5   no matter how many  kits your purchase.  They sell FAST and   they are limited in number  so it is  first in best dressed!!!!
Email me at  with the names of any kits you are after !!

1.  Angus - SOLD OUT

2. Peter


4. Birdlife

5.  Elaine

6.  Geraldine - SOLD OUT

7. Merry

8. Lynette

9. Harmony

10. Rainier - SOLD OUT

11.  Rebecca- SOLD OUT

12.  Petunia

13.  Nadia

14.  Lisette

15.  Fleur

16.  Julie

17.  Beau'

18. Kayla

I would also like to give a HUGE  heartfelt thanks  to all of you who have purchased my   kits  in the past and spread the word - Love ya!!!!
Email me at!!!!


Natasha said...

Love these kits Lisa, I could easily purchase more than half of them if I had the funds right now... LOL. Lisette is Kaischa's middle name so I'm especially drawn to that one!
Kaischa would love to have Teleah over for a play some time!

Shell said...

Fabulous Kits!