Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Year 7 Graduating class

Tonight my Number 2 son  has his Graduation  night at his school-  can I really have  2 high school children next year?????   HOLY TOLEDO!!  So its  probably timely for me to have scrapped one of Joshuas photos  from his Grad  last year!!!  This is him and his mates .....none of whom went to the same high school as him - all spread to the winds!!!

This was a challenge for the scrapbook savvy  cybercrop!!!  A colour challenge =- loved it Thanks Sara!!!


Kylie said...

You and me both lisa....only i have one going to high school. We have been dress hunting for the yr6 formal night...look forward to that! I think boys would be better....have a safwe and merry xmas to your lovely familyxxx

amanda73 said...

love love this layout....... and lisa, if i can have my #5 son start high school next year..... then you definitely can have 2 lol