Monday, March 21, 2011

Scrapbook savvy

So  lots of the sites I used to play with and  be with have closed their forums and sometimes when I dont feel like scrapping I still feel like chatting!!!  So I  have had my eye on Scrapbook savvy for a while  - my firend Donna plays ther  so thought it was time to drop in  and say HI.  Tehy have some awesome monthly challenges including this one  = Its a ABC challenge and you are  given some criterion for the letters of the alphabet....this one is X and W
X for some word which means yellow!!   and  kisses
and W  for white and writing.....

I am enjoying scrapping the boys at the moment so thought I would  do one for  that!

Here is the finished product - yellow and  little  Xs for the kisses and W  for white  title and writing -  my journalling.  This is my  second  son Lachlan - SUPER DUPER  scary  smart!!  He had just  been invited to  participate in the inaugural  Junior comets (  like an advanced class) along with nine other kids to participate in a series of  challenges!!!

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donna said...

I am so happy that you have joined me over at Savvy honey! only 2 more weeks and we can scrap together again!
love ya mwah!