Saturday, January 15, 2011

This country we live in is an AMAZING place - full of amazing scenes and beaches and countryside...and more recently unprecedented devastation. I dont think you can live in Queensland and not known someone affected by this tragedy. What is more amazing is how willing we are to get in and help in any way we can. You feel so helpless - you make your $$ donation but it really doesnt seem like much when you see the footage of what people are up against!!

Over 75% of our state has been affected in some way by floods. But there are a couple of ways we can help those affected by the floods. Kim Archer is conducting a special online workshop where all proceeds will go the Premiers Flood Relief Appeal. The workshop is only $5! You can sign up here.  I have!!

You can also help by getting creative. The Rising Waters Flood Appeal for Crafters are taking donations of scrap pages (minus the photo) that will then be sent to the flood victims for them to create their own scrapbook albums. Head over to the blog to find out the details on where to send your pages.

Its  so hard to watch but I like the fact  that each of us in our  own  little ways can  help to make a difference!!  Makes you proud to be an Australian!!

I have started creating several pages so far and will do some more in the next few days. It's a great way to use all those bits of scrap paper! I really hope you can help out too.


Julene Matthews said...

Sent a box full to leumeah already.Second lot underway.

Mandy said...

going to get moving on this in the week...i have been in tears lisa...text amanda to make sure she was ok and she assured me you were safe too....its just been heartbreaking and i tell you...your premier has done a wonderful job in keeping it all we see the real stories behind all this disaster...the sad ones and also the amazing people that we have in this country...i wanted to help the moment i saw the devestation, but obviously with my family i can't physically help, but doing these scrap pages is one way i can be a drop in the ocean...i should put this link up too..i'm sure there will be months of being able to make these pages coz the ones affected will have other things to sort out before they start thinking about photos....i hope to make a box full too....take care Lisa....glad your