Saturday, January 15, 2011

My gorgeous men - all of them!

I love my shabbby  chic and  vintage   stuff - but with three boys and a husband - I have to be able to  do  BOYISH layouts too so I love it when I can  kind of get away with blending the two.  This layout is for Challenge heaven - seriously  wicked  challenges so I  hope Shell  can continue with some help  with her going  back to work - Id offer to help - But I'll also be back at work so thats a bit of a bugger!!

ANYWAY - this challenge  was   to use black and apricot!  I went for a  pretty grungy   kind of apricot - this is Shane and the boys at the WILD and WINDY  beach a few weeks back - we spent ages  watching the kite surfers!!

and a few odds and ends I had floating around!



amanda73 said...

wow, wow, amazing, love the pic, and all of this

mandysea said...

Thats a goregous LO Lisa,
and thanks for the lovely comment you left on my blog... really appreciated

DebiJ said...

Got to have odds & ends & bits & bobs on a LO, wouldn't be the same without them!
This is a wonderful manly page full of so much interest. xx