Thursday, May 5, 2011

Two little girls - Twiddleybitz

Oh man - this year is going so fast.  There are  lots of things we didnt calculate when choosing  to have four childen!!  Things like the  amount of sport and dancing and  after school activites   there would be,   the amount of  kids birthday parties they would be invited to, the amount of Doctors and dentists  visits they would need, the amount of shopping for new school shoes and  clothing, the  school camps they would go on and associated costs.........blah blah blah!!!

ALl of those things  mean that all of a sudden May is upon us and and Im not quite sure where the year has  gone already!  And it also means that I dont get to  scrap nearly half as much as Im used to!!
But luckily I had a little mojo  kick in and I got to play  with some  gorgeous Twiddleybitz  pieces and I managed this  little number.
My sister and I  - I am  the one at the front!


amanda73 said...

love love that layout

i can certainly relate to you havin 'lots' of kids lol..... i got 6...... and the 1st 5 were under everything seemed to happen at the same time with them..

WendyG said...

Gorgeous LO lisa. You forgot to add a house to keep and a job as well as a hubby working all hours. It was busy with just two children etc.