Sunday, February 6, 2011


I still find it a little hard to believe that I am the mother of a thirteen year old!!  Josh started High school and has  had  fabulous  start - facing challenges like catching a bus,  starting at a school with NONE of his friends and dealing with an AMAZING amount of homework!!  Mad about scrappin had a sketch for anyone wanting to apply for the DT - and here is my take on it......

In addition  Shane started at hospital asa REAL LIFE Doctor - he looks  SERIOUSLY HOT  dressed as a Doctor - I just love it!!!!  Despite some initial  nerves - he seems to be  getting more comfortable and  even enjoyed his 14 hour shift last Friday!!!  And I  have also started a new job - I am  the  new Tuckshop convenor at the kids school - 4 days a week, perfect school hours and I get all the  school holidays - who could ask for more!!  I have had everything go wrong that could go wrong from fridges AND freezers  dying to tills not working to electrical problems but I am really  enjoying it - I have  lots of new volunteers  starting this week so once I get a  good work schedule worked out - it will be  time for  some changes and improvements - I cant wait!!!

I am very excited as my gorgeous mate Em should have  her new little  chubbsy bubs  this time tomorrow - I cant wait to go in and meet this   new little person - these guys will be the most fabulous  parents and this is a very long awaited  babe!!!!!  So on that note - see you on the flip side!!!!!

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