Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My school kids = All four!!

Last year was a special year - the only year all of my  children will be at Primary school together so of course when the school photos  came up I had to pay the extra  to get the family  portrait one done and I love it.  I never  love scrapping school photos - I never seem to get it right...but amongst my  vintage sheet music I found this one titled "Little study" I dug out an old Kaiser  paper for the background and the  gloruious amazing  Crate paper restoration papers - my fave in quite some time I think!!  So here are  my  four little  schoolies all together!!!


amanda73 said...

wow, lucky you...i could never have all my kids at school together, different age gaps to your kids....... 6 years between 1st 5, then a 6 year gap for 5 and 6...... Alex is nearly 18, hard to believe, makes me feel old lol

love love that photo and how youve scrapped it, i hate scrapping school pics too

lizzyc said...

how lovely Lisa!! hope things are good with you!xx