Monday, December 27, 2010

And thats another one done!!

I hope you all had an amazing awesome Christmas - I know I did.  My inlaws  were  up here to share Christmas with us and we loved  having them here - they only have  two more days   with us and it has FLOWN BY!!!  We had some friends and family here for Christmas day and we  had a fine feast - Shane did a spectacular  glazed ham, seafood,  beautiful kebabs and some  yummy salads.  I made a  special  chocolate Yule log and it worked a TREAT!!!  Looked alright and tasted  YUMMY!!
The kids had a ball - even though Santa had a  bit of a stuff up and  left us with two halves of 2 DIFFERENT  table tennis tables .....hmmmmmmmmmmm!!  Luckily  we could  exchange it for the last one we had left!!!!  So of course when the kids are  riding  down the  water  filled drains - they are playing table tennis in the shed with Opa and Nan!!!
and so now for some Christmas photos...

The spunky  kids!!  These guys   make everything about  Christmas  AWESOME - I love  it!!!
I LOVE watching these  two together - they make my heart melt!!!

SO then on Boxing Day we had a lovely  bunch of friends  come over  to eat  some more and  drink cocktails - Margaritas and Mohitis -  TOO YUMMY!!!!
So today we are all exhausted and  need a day of rest and recovery!!!

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I hope to drop by  again before New Year - if I dont - have a great one - It will also be  our anniversary 
New Years Eve we have been together  for TWENTY ONE  years and  New Years Day we have been married for 14 years!!!  ANd I love  him more than ever - my very own Doctor!!!!


Felicity said...

sounds like a perfect day Lisa :)) I love the kids face on Christmas day too :))
your feast sounds YUMO!
Happy wedding anniversary too.
Happy New year

Kathie said...

Great to see your day was great Lisa!! Just dropping by to say a late Merry Christmas to you and yours and Have a fantastic New Year, I'm sure that 2011 is going to be a super year for us all
Love always