Monday, February 22, 2010

YUM - Look what I just ordered!!!! RUGS!!!!

The steam cleaner  has just left my house  and my carpets  are looking  much improved.    So look at what I just ordered  to keep it cleaner in my  scrap  room


and you can buy it  from here


They have all kinds of rugs  from  contemporary to  kids  rugs to wool  rugs.....

Now I just need to keep my scrap   room floor clean until  I get the  rug !!!

Ill show you a pic  when it arrives  -  wahooooooo!!!!


amanda73 said...

yummo, lucky you lisa, love it... i need a rug for our loungeroom floor........we dont have carpet

Jessica said...
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Marie McRedmond said...

Mmmmm .... that looks luverlee and should suit the area very well indeed. Are you all hovering above the carpet that is now SO very clean???!!!! Luv, MuM XXXXXX