Thursday, June 30, 2011

Wicked kid

This is my son Daniel.  He has always had the shock factor!!!!  Through my pregnancy we were told  it was a girl - the pregnancy was different to the boys and the ultrasound said Girl....he then  came 12 days late and apparently in that time he grew a penis!!!!!  SO we couldnt call this new baby Rachel as planned so we went with Daniel Shane Kamphuis.

 He is a very very appealing child - he is cute, funny , has gorgeous blue eyes that melt his Mums heart........and he can make me SO  mad and so crazy - you would not believe it.  If there is mischief to be found - there is Daniel.  If there is a kid crying for an accidental  bang to the head - theres Daniel.  If there is a kid to  do the wrong thing - theres Daniel!!  SERIOUSLY!!

He promises he doesnt MEAN to get into trouble - it just happens.....and I do believe him!!  Hes not a BAD kid - just not very good at thinking through the consequences of  his behaviours!!!!  At the moment - he is doing all the  boys  daily jobs - emptying the dishwasher and cleaning up after the dog because of his last  indiscretion!!!!  Oh and he also has to vacuum the house.  I know it sounds harsh but its the shool holidays so if I ground him or take away priveleges like playstation and computer - really its just me thats  punished because he drives me crazy being bored!!  So domestic slavery its is!!

But look at the cutie in this layout - how  can you resist those blue eyes,  that cute smile......we love his  sense of humour and his  outlook on life...he is a beautiful kid inside and out!!!

And he is a wicked kid!!!!!

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Moonie said...

What a beautiful story Lisa... love it.. and bless his wee heart. Love the layout.. so full of..... wicked fun!!