Thursday, June 24, 2010

Enchanted cybercrop this weekend.....

Are you looking for osme cool challenges and  some  fun and games...AND   the  new  enchanted DT will be announced as well-  WAHOOOOOOOOO!!!  Ill see who I am going to get to play with!

Come and check it all out HERE

I have been  hard  hit by a  migraine   since  Sunday - so havent  done much of anything.  Last night I started    some more work on my  spunky little  nieces  birthday gift - she will be one on the  4th July .  Once  I have  done the finishing touches I will post some pics up here before I send it off to her!!

In the  meantime  ENJOY!!!

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phatassphairy said...

hope your migraine stays away ....also giggles about the Twiddlybitz bits!!! and them interfering with your holiday time