Sunday, April 18, 2010

MAY KITS - here now!!!

Okay so my April kits  sold out = Thanks so much  guys - I LOVE   putting them together so love the fact that you love the kits  so is my collection of  kits for May.  As always they are  $10  each and  postage is capped at $5  no matter how  many kits you buy ( within Australia! - sorry!!_

Email me at with the names of any kits  you  would like.  I say this every month - but these kits  sell  quick - so if you see one you like- be quick!!

Angelina  - SOLD OUT

Aqua one left


Fuschia SOLD OUT

Hot pink - one left


Life - one left



red - SOLD   OUT


Hey left


bronnyk said...

Your kits are scrumptious!!!!!! I like!!!!!

jazsutra said...

WOWW!look at the kits!!! drooling! ;)
thx for your bloglove ;) Have a blessed week ahead ;)

Pauly said...

Would dearly love some kits, wrote out my list, but I MUST behave! I will hang off for next round...

Catie said...

OMGoshness, Lisa, these are delish!! Desparately working out the coins to see if I can get one! Trouble is, which one??!