Sunday, July 12, 2009

If you are addicted .....and Love Blog Candy

to my Bubbles game -

Well, you know the drill!

~ 1. Leave a comment on this post!
~ 2. Leave a link on your blog telling everyone about my giveaway! It is VERY cool!!

for an extra chance! Become my friend(follower)! Already are? Cool! Now you have 2 shots!!

Here is a pic of the Blog candy...

So you have until next Friday, July 17th . I will announce my winner then!! So Good Luck everyone!!


Alicia said...

I'm confused, but only a little. I'll leave a link to your blog on my post and let people know about the giveaway... I'm just not sure what the giveaway is? Is it scrapping stuff or is it the bubbles game? Let me know so I can tell people on my blog.

Kerry said...

I so love your blog and am already a follower!! You do the most gorgeous layouts! Ssshhh...I shouldn't mention I love the bubbles game and have a little play each visit. I have left a link on my blog too.

Talia Lynette said...

love the balloons game lol

Shazza said...

Hi Lisa,

I have been a follower for a while :)
Love your blog candy giveaway... you are more than generous. I will link to my blog
and have a great day
P.S Don't get me playing your bubbles game, I'll never leave :(

Cassie's Creations said...

Hi Lis,
l am a follower of your blog & all your work is so awesome,l will put a link to your blog on mine(when l figure out how to,lol,um phone call to Pauly perhaps to help me).l cant play that bubble game cause its like scrapping once you start you cant stop.l suppose whats another lil addiction.Nice giveaway prize Lis

Pauly said...

About to attempt to leave a link on my blog..if Cass gonna ring me to see how to do it, I better see if I can!!! Love your giveaway and curse you every time I waste time on bubbles!! (Actually put it down the bottom of my blog too!!) Totally addicted!!

Pauly said...

LOL, there has to be an easier way but it worked anyway! link is done!

Cassie's Creations said...

Hi Lis,
K mission accomplished after being on the ph to Pauly for 43 mins lol.The link to your blog is done.
Gee gorgeous giveaway pack you have got there.
take care
PS.oh Lis just wondering was that blog award thing you gave to ppl was that 4 me or little cass junior.

scrappyem said...

I spend WAY too much time sitting here playing your bubbles game Lisa - but I don't have a blog!!!!

Kylie said...

Hi!! love your blog & your scrappin. Congrats on 123 CT - see you there :0)

Kylie said...
I forgot to leave a my link...;0)

Martina Reynolds said...

OMG Ive never won anything before on the net so maybe this would be the lucky one !! lol !! Yummy would love that in my stash !!!
xoxo Tina

Melissa said...

following your blog cause of kylie from sweet life. now i am following...i am posting your link as i am new to blogging...i posted my first LO on challenge 123, so congrtas!!!

Melissa said...

i put you on my new blog...yea!!!
I hope i win!!

Kris said...

Hi Lisa :) Love the game....omg impossible to leave your blog now lol. Linking on my blog for you :) Cheers Kris

Anonymous said...

I just became a follower and you have amazing talent. I posted a link on my blog!

amanda73 said...

love the candy, you are so generous lisa, except dont know if im eligible to do this, as im too slack to have a blog, so cant leave a link on a blog that doesnt exist lol

kraenielsen said...

I have only just joined Lisa blog. I am addicted to the bubble game. The rak is very generous

Alicia said...

AHA!!! that's that the giveaway is (looks good)! I left a link on my blog and I've been a follower for a while, so sorry, I can't help you reach the 70 anymore than I already have :( Good luck with it though.

Penny said...

Am I too late??? lol.

I'm following and I linked to your site from mine!

HazelQ said...

Wow this is a fabulous candy! I'm glad I found your blog, beautiful and inspiring layouts :) I'm following your blog and I added this candy to my side bar, here's the link
I hope I'm not to late to enter :P