Sunday, January 5, 2014

Scrapping just for fun.....

This Is a pic from a Noosa photo a few years ago now....we LOVE the National Park there and always spend a bit of time there......this pic of my boys is at the entrance.....its hard to tell whose what age here!!  I used lots of paper scraps agin and some washi tape and some stamping.....

So now Im up to date I might even head to the desk and make some more mess!!!


Saturday, January 4, 2014

Scrap the boys....January!!

Hi again - Yep - two posts in a row - trying to catch up with stuff before I go and make more mess.....I decided I needed to try and do some of the challenges ....Iremember a time when I would be doing ALL of them in a month - last year I only blogged 11 times in total so what does that tell you!!!

ANYWAY _ here is my Scrap the Boys layout for scrap something NEW about your boys......I had lots of ideas for this but settled on doing a layout for Lachlan...this pic was taken by Andrea Thompson and it was just before Lachlan finished Year 7 and moved onto High school.

  This kids is amazing in so many ways - clever beyond his years with the memory of an elephant and he proved this by graduating Year seven as Dux of the school - the highest academic award possible there!!!  So this is about him going off to make a NEW start.....again made with lots of scraps and bits and pieces left over from retreats and crops.....I like the colours in this one and the addition of a few old rubons added to a more teenage feel!!

Thanks for taking the time to have a look!!!

Happy New Year!!!

Yes I know - don't freak out - Its January and Im back blogging hey!!  Amazing times we live in - hahahaha!!   OR the fact that my lovely hubby went on  a road trip with the little peeps for three days so I have actually had UNINTERRUPTED time!!!!! 
The funniest bit is I was lost without them for the first half day and now Im getting into this and Id like a few more days....HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA - but a few more hours will have to do!!
SO I thought id do some show and tell......I have a couple of layouts from late last year that I never  got down on here and I actually scrapped the other night so I have those too............

My first piece of show and  tell is a layout I did of my DH and I....using scraps...Ive had bags of scraps left over from retreats and crop days  etc and Ive had a great time scrapping layouts from those scrap fact some of my favourite layouts have come from these offcuts!!!!

We have just celebrated 24 years together and 17 of those as a married him more today than I did back then!!!  We both feel extremely fortunate to live the life we do and to be able to do it together!! 

Okay - enough mushy is a pretty layout of my daughter and I having some fun  taking selfies......a simple layout but I like the colours!

And I think this selfie was taken around the same time...the last time I printed photos I did some as Square....I like it for something different!!!

I really  liked the colours in this one and the cool green and white straw at the bottom of the photo is from the fabulous Miss Tracey Thorne.....Thanks !!!!

Be back soon with some stuff from this year!!!!


Friday, October 25, 2013

A mixture of old and new.....


Because I haven't blogged for so long - I have a couple of layouts that have just been sitting here waiting and watching hoping to get some attention paid to them - so here we go.......

A photo shoot of Daniel man - taken August 4 at Lachlans birthday lunch - this kid hates to strike a pose I tell ya!!!!

Not sure if I like this one or not - but its done now - Hahahaha

But I do like this one- I think I did it for white with one in September after Wendy Smith came up - but as usual I forgot to photograph  it and upload it - But I LOVE the photo and the colours worked well...I think so anyway!!!!!!

And a  final photo of my gorgeous hubby and his beautiful daughter!!  Love these two together and they are mad for eah other too- lucky Im not the jealous type!!  Hahah
This was taken at Donnas place in Dalby on the motorbike!!

More old papers and bits and pieces !!!

And that's it until the next time I get away to scrap - hopefully not long!!!!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Part two - show and tell

I know - you thought Id never return but here I am hey!! 

I had some old kits with me on Saturday and decided I needed to work through some of them ( to justify me purchasing more - hahah!!)  and this one just fell together - fairly simple but I really like the colours!!

And then our gorgeous Teleah girl - dressed as Silky for Bookweek - she was so excited about her costume and she looked a wee bit cute too - I love the toothless grin!!  These were more paper scraps from my scraps bag!!

And a final teleah show  and tell.  I did this a few weeks ago and wasn't sure I liked it - but its growing on me and I do LOVE this photo - taken at Emerald Lakes!!

Okay - back again soon!!!!!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Dont be too shocked!!!

Okay - so I don't get to scrap anything like I used to - why?  I don't know - time , effort, Im working, have four kids with ever increasing activities and events to attend!!  Blah blah blah!! 
Mostly I just don't have the same get up and go for it at the moment - but I do love to get away with the girls - for a day, a weekend a, a month and have some serious focussed scrap time!!  And last Saturday I got to do that with a bunch of gorgeous girls!!    So now I have some show and tell!!
here are a couple!!

This is a pretty simple layout but the pictures kinda tell the story - Lachlan was pretending to tip Teleah into the pool!!  Back in May - Donna had purchased a new fabulous background stamp so of course I had to have a play - and on Saturday I found the cardstock Id stamped - so I added some washi tape, some rubons and some buttons....done!!

So whilst Im in a Lachlan kinda mood  here is a photo I love from our July holiday to trippin around Tewantin!!

Another stamped background  from back in July and then some odds and ends I had in a bag!!!
And my final tribute To our beautiful son Lachlan - he turned 14  back in August and we went to lunch with my fabulous aunt and uncle....
More stamps. washi, mist and old rubons! 
Ill be back in a day or two with some more bits!!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Piggy back

I did this for a challenge a couple of weeks back and forgot to photograph it so Ill show it now!!!

and another one using some scraps and washi tapes.....